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What not to do in the church holidays

What not to do in the church holidays

Holy Days mean days of rest for the Christian tradition.

From them came the Russian word "holiday" and the particular glorification of God, which is associated with periodic recollection of certain events associated with sacred history.

Why it is forbidden to do something in the church holidays

Important properties of the liturgical celebrationAll events associated with the sacred history, for many Christians is not one of their remembrance in prayer, and mystical actualization accident data to date. This allows the believer to be more closer to the salvific meaning of these events.
In this regard, it is impossible to carry out labor activity, it is known to almost all during Orthodox holidays. At the same time, the one who would be violator of this law will be punished.

What not to do during religious holidays

In some religious holiday days, according to the Orthodox calendar, some manipulations will never lead to good, but rather the contrary.

Christmas is a family holiday, which should be in a circle of close relatives.

On Christmas holidays in any case notshould sew, because, according to legends, in your family can later someone blind. Besides better at this time do not go to any hiking or hunting, to avoid accidents.
On the day of January 14 - the date is dedicated to St. Basil the Great, the house must go to the first man. This will bring health and prosperity to all who live in this house.
The holy day of 15 February - Candlemasbetter not to plan any journeys and travel. Moreover, this day is best to stay at home, set aside all things that are somehow related to travel, so they will not bring good luck. At the same time, in this day most of the people are lost. Therefore, you must be careful, especially carefully monitor their own children. If you still need to be collected on the road that day, and the trip can not be transferred, then it is necessary to pray, and then you can meet in the way.

There are a lot of people's will, which tell that you can not do in church holidays.

According to national signs in Lent before Easter women should not go out of the house. This is a bad omen, because it can bring into the house of misery and disease.

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