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As the new stations plan to open in the Moscow metro


What new stations are planned to open in the Moscow metro</a>

The problem of overcrowding in the metro and the inconvenience of using it in certain directions has been worrying for a long time by the Moscow authorities.

But if earlier the construction of new stations was rather slow, and no more than 3-4 were added a year, now the solution is being implemented as soon as possible to fill the metro with new stations.

Plans for 2014-2016

Over the three years from 2014 to 2016,Decision to build 50 new stations. 35 of them will be located on existing branches, and another 15 will be able to form another ring line, which is now so lacking in the Moscow subway.
It is not planned to make new stations very different. On the contrary, it was decided to switch to standard projects of stations, which would reduce construction costs and accelerate it. This is what the Moscow government believes is the most important.
The second measure aimed at accelerationThis is an increase in the number of shallow stations. In a number of areas, it is difficult to build underground stations because of natural conditions. In addition to speed, the construction of such stations will significantly save. At the same time, it is planned to equip new stations with everything necessary for passengers' comfort: ticket machines, air conditioners, convenient turnstiles.

New stations in old and new Moscow

The metro will expand into the old districts andThe so-called "new Moscow". In the old districts, the stations will appear in Solntsevo, Nekrasovka, Obruchevsky, Teply Stan, Novo-Peredelkino and Tropalyovo-Nikulino. In the new metro areas it will be opened in Sosenskoye, Rumyantsevo, Salarievo, Mosrentgen and Moskovsky. New stations will also appear in the region, for example, in Kotelniki: the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya branch will be extended.

Some stations are planned to be built as large transport hubs. In addition to the metro, there will be railway and bus stops.

The second ring

The second ring line will be spared from the firstRings to several stations and intersect with all the radial branches. Previously, to get on the metro from one extreme station to another extreme, even if they are located on neighboring branches, you had to go to the center and make a transfer there. Now a new ring will make it much faster and with greater convenience. It is planned in this way to substantially relieve the center and in the near future to reduce the number of people in the metro during peak hours.

Plans for the builders of the underground are very impressive: by 2020, 9 out of 10 Muscovites will live near the metro. Ground transportation from remote areas to the metro will almost not be needed.

Recently opened new stations

In the recent past stations have already been opened"Business Center" on the Kalinin-Solntsevo branch, Butyrka on the Lublin branch, Lesoparkovaya on the Butovo branch, Salarievo and Rumyantsevo on the Sokolniki branch, and also three stations on the Tagansko-Krasnopesnenskaya branch: Kotelniki, "Lermontovsky Prospekt", "Zhulebino".

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