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WHAT natal chart

What is the natal chart

The natal chart is a personal horoscope, which is calculated from the exact date of birth.

According to such a stellar forecast can know in advance the features of human nature, trials that fate prepared for him, and also to understand how to avoid serious mistakes in life.

History natal chart

Astrology - a science with a long history. Even in ancient times, studying the stars, people have noticed that happy or unhappy fate is in some interaction with the specific situation of the stars at the time of birth. These data have become record and compare. So there horoscopes and predictions.

In drawing the natal chart is better tothe exact date of his birth, up to hours and minutes. The celestial bodies are in constant motion, so the incorrect date can cause false predictions.

Traditionally, the emergence of the natal chartis associated with ancient Egypt. It was the first time Egyptians have been paying attention to the stars and planets. The excavations carried out in Egypt, have shown that the first natal maps were drawn even on papyrus.

The essence of the natal chart

Natal chart - this arrangement of stars andplanets. Make up the horoscope by overlaying the image to a specific location of celestial bodies on a special table with the signs of the zodiac, drawn by a circle. Next astrologer or astronomer compares the date of birth with the position of the moon, assessing the impact of stars in different stages, and makes a lot of marks. As a result of this process there is a personal horoscope, which is called the natal chart.

What can tell natal chart

The natal chart - it is the most complete of the horoscopeall existing. Through the scheme can be prepared to know what traits will have a people, as will communicate with others what he would have advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the star map will tell about the positive and negative influence of the planets on your life, point to favorable and dangerous choice. It is noteworthy that in this horoscope, you can even determine which satellite you have to look for a happy marriage. If you already have the other half, the astrologer can compare your natal chart and to forecast your compatibility.

The natal chart - it is about the individual horoscope. To him it is necessary to listen, but it is not necessary to believe in all the predictions. Especially if the data is calculated from the approximate information on your birth time.

In the natal chart can determine the features ofmentality of man, his preferences and areas of activity in which it will be a success. When drawing up the horoscope the astrologer will tell you not too pleasant information, you should not react to it critically. If you know in advance their weaknesses, then life can change dramatically due to intensive work on yourself and your character.

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