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When choosing Multivarki need to rely on its capacity and the volume of the cup. A good instrument is equipped with a function that allows to delay the start of work and "the maintenance of the heat" function.

The presence of five-layer non-stick coating simplifies care appliances.

Modern women are now not only watchhome and children, but also to work and make a successful career. Therefore, household appliances manufacturers produce all new appliances and fixtures designed to save time and provide the convenience of housewives perform household affairs. The novelty in the market of household appliances - multivarka has already gained the trust of many users due to the ability to cook a variety of dishes, including diet, significantly saves time and eliminates the need to stand for hours in a hot stove. How do you choose this miracle of technology?

Criterias of choice

; Choosing multivarku, the first of which should bea start - it is on its power and scope of the bowl. Modern devices are designed for a working capacity of 490 W, 760 W and 1400 Tues. Accordingly, the greater the power, the faster and better prepare meals. With regard to the volume of the cup, then there is need to bear in mind what is the size of the family: the larger it is, the greater the need to choose the cup. For example, a cup of 6 liters. It allows to feed 8-10 people. Most modern models allows you to specify 6 modes. As for features, the most preferred is a function of the steam outlet - it allows you to gradually normalize the internal pressure. As a result of hot steam will come out in small portions to ensure the safety and comfort of cooking.
; It is very convenient feature that allows you to delayBeginning of work. Young mother may, for example, to throw all the food in the oven and leave the baby for a walk and came back for dinner with hot, freshly prepared food. If the "keep warm" function multivarka equipped, it allows you to enjoy a warm meal on arrival home, no matter how many hours ago, she was prepared. Poor, if the device does not offer the possibility to adjust the temperature itself mistress and set cooking parameters, it also should pay attention.

What else should be in good Multivarki

; Good multivarka should not only be able tosimmer and cook, but the oven, steamed and roast. All models have a non-stick coating, but not all of it is laminated. If possible, it is better to buy a unit with a five-layer coating and the marble-plated, which will simplify the care of the equipment. Well, when the built-in microprocessor displays information about the program change on the display screen, which allows the hostess if necessary to make appropriate changes.
, Elderly, which is difficult given "communication" withelectronic devices, useful function of "voice guidance" that will report all activities performed by the hostess. Detachable power cord can cause penetration into the body of water products and the subsequent short-circuit, so it is best to choose a model with a non-detachable cord.

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