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What movies are impressive

What movies are impressive

Movies that do take the soul, is not so common on movie screens.

Such pictures make you think about life, destiny and role of man in the world.

Analyzing the responses of spectators, almost all the films that make a strong impression can be divided into psychological and fantastic.

Psychological movies

Most of these paintings are organically woven into thedramatic elements themselves. Tape was Darren Aronovski "Requiem for a Dream," the most popular psychological. This picture was taken in a fairly rigid style. Each of the main characters of their own goal - Harold wants to earn a lot of money and build your house, his girl dreams of their own studio, his mother dreams of being a party of the popular show. But all their dreams crashing against drugs and the wrong way to achieve the selected goals.
The film "Knockin 'on Heaven" Thomas Ian doesanother kind. It can even be called good, though, and with a dramatic ending. He tells the story of two terminally ill guys met at the hospital, which suddenly dumped a lot of money. The couple decides to dedicate the remaining days still unfulfilled dreams.

The film encourages to think about, "What is there life?", "If tomorrow will be the end, what is more important is not done in my life?"

"The best offer" by Giuseppe Tornatore - thethe new film from the entire list. Pragmatic managing the auction house only busy with their work and the completion of a priceless collection of paintings, which is stored in his house. And it seems that all that is human is alien to him - he does not let anyone into his soul. And so it lives, until he meets a mysterious girl who uses it subtly. The film is pretty thin, but is able to produce a strong impression after viewing. He teaches us to live without fanaticism and extremes.

Sci-fi movies

Fantastic films infused with psychological closely enough. Features of the presence of the fictional author of the story.
The most famous science fiction withdeeper meaning is, perhaps, the "Matrix" Wachowski brothers. The protagonist of one day discovers that his whole life is not real, and he and most other people are to obtain the energy mechanisms. It is adjacent to a group of people who are trying to resist the system.

After watching the film involuntarily the question arises, if not loaded all of humanity into a kind of matrix where each allocated a pre-prescribed role.

"The Green Mile," Frank Darabont was removed bythe famous novel by Stephen King. It tells about a prison for suicide, which deliver a killer 2 little girls. As it turns out, he has a mysterious gift of healing people and absolutely not involved in the murder. But the change has nothing fails. Very intense and at the same time touching movie. Feed forces to reflect on the injustice of the world, and teaches that you can not judge people by their mind.

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