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What movie to see with a child

What movie to see with a child

Good and useful, you can spend time with the child, watching a good movie: comedy, movies about animals, adventure or fantasy picture.

The main thing - that it was interesting to see an adult and a child.

Both I and my shadow

This film is about the adventures of two very similar girls love watching adults and children for nearly 20 years.
One of the girls - Amanda, lives in a shelter, sheno parents, but there are a lot of friends with whom you can always play. The second - Elissa, have a rich father, but no friends. Getting the story is similar to the famous novel by Mark Twain's "The Prince and the Pauper."
The girls met by chance and changed places. Each liked to live in the new conditions. Their combined goal - not to get married on the calculation of his father Elissa a selfish person. For the fun adventures of the characters will be watching all interesting.

Good old movies

Parents once again find themselves in childhood helpfavorite since childhood Soviet films, fairy tales. They - a lot. Suffice it to recall a fairy tale "The Humpbacked Horse", "New Adventures of Puss in Boots," "Mary-mistress," "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors".
It starred the famous George and many Millyarother fine actors. Fairy tales teach kindness, courage. These qualities are necessary to vaccinate a child with childhood. Such films can help in this, as well as other, less well-known children's films of those years:. "The Adventures of Pinocchio," "Little Red Riding Hood", "Mama"
Great mood give animation and feature film "Maria, Mirabella". He will take the audience into a magical world filled with bright colors and delightful songs.

Harry Potter

The modern world is a fantasy, too, like many children. The parents themselves decide at what age it is possible to watch a movie with your child.
When the book came out, which was subsequently withdrawnmovie, then read to their children from 9 years and adults to the elderly. Therefore, children with this age will be interesting to see the movie with my parents, which is so popular.
After seeing pictures of the children there will be new games - in wizards. Usual magic wand to turn. Children will repeat spells of the heroes of films and predstavat yourself in the world of fantasy.
Finding himself will film "Dzhumanzhi" among the animals of the jungle. The plot, as in the previous, full of exciting events, so the view will not be boring.

Sad or funny movies?

The film "Hachiko" very sincere. The story of faithful dog, too, can be seen with the child. How can you not remember the Soviet "White Bim Black Ear," but it is better not to look with a subtle psychic organization of children, otherwise you may shed a tear, not only parents, but also kids.
After the sad, perfect funny movies, such as "Home Alone," "The Adventures of a monkey." The last picture also about the animal, but the tears are excluded under supervision.

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