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As the mountains in Russia are the highest


Which mountains in Russia are the highest</a>

The highest mountain system in Russia is the Great Caucasus, stretched between the Black and Caspian seas. Usually, when they talk about the Caucasus Mountains, they are united with the Lesser Caucasus.

The highest mountain of Russia - Elbrus - is also located in the Greater Caucasus.

Greater Caucasus

The majestic mountains of the Greater Caucasus stretchMore than 1150 km. They begin in the area of ​​Anapa and end near the Caspian coast. The width of the mountain range varies from 32 km to 180 km in various sections. Since this chain is very long, it is further divided into the Western, Central and Eastern Caucasus.
Very high, these mountains shine with their snow-coveredPeaks throughout the year. Glaciers in the Greater Caucasus system do not melt even in the hottest summertime. In total there are more than two thousand glaciers, most of them are in the Central Caucasus, where the highest peaks, including Elbrus, are concentrated.
Animal and plant life in the mountains of the GreaterThe Caucasus is very diverse. Significant and sometimes quite sharp differences in altitude allow a comparatively small area to live flora and fauna from completely different climatic zones.
Unfortunately, hiking in the Caucasus Mountains is sometimes hampered by the fact that the borders of Russia with Georgia and Azerbaijan pass along the Great Caucasian Range.

Elbrus - the highest mountain in Russia

The height of Elbrus is 5642 m. This is the highest point not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Local call this mountain "Infinite Mountain of Wisdom and Consciousness". According to research of scientists, Elbrus was once a volcano, but has long since died out, and now it is completely covered with an impressive layer of ice. However, the presence of mineral springs near Elbrus clearly indicates his past.
Elbrus is also called the Double-headed Mountain, sinceIt has two peaks, and both are extinct volcanoes. The eastern peak, whose height is 5621m, is younger, and the cup of the volcano is still very clearly visible. The western part is ancient. The distance between the two peaks is about one and a half km.
For the first time the mountain was conquered in 1829, whenElbrus went to the team under the leadership of General Emanuel. Today, the Elbrus region is one of the centers of ski tourism, around it there are many skiing tracks.
A considerable part of the slopes of Elbrus is sloping, butThe closer to the top, the steeper the mountain becomes. After overcoming the altitude of 4 thousand meters, the steepness of the mountain, on average, is 35 degrees! From the north and west are steep slopes.
Those who decided to climb the Elbrus, should beReady for constant loads associated with a fairly sharp set of heights. All this leads not only to hypoxia, but also to the so-called "miner" - mountain sickness. To cope with it, expeditions spend more time on climbing than necessary for the ascent, resting and acclimating to high altitude conditions.

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