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What is money laundering

What is money laundering

The term "money laundering" was first used in the US in the 80s.

He belonged to the income of drug trafficking, which transformed from illegal money into legal.

The objectives of "money laundering"

"Money laundering" is a substituteillegal sources of income in fictitious legal. For this money conducted through a series of reforms in order to conceal the original sources of their receipt. From the side it must seem that the money obtained from legitimate transactions. "Laundered" Money can be used in the back of the business and personal needs of the owner.
The need for "money laundering" can bein some cases. For example, when the criminal origin of the income or reluctance to advertise the real source of income, for reasons of security or for other reasons. But in most cases, the existence of the concept of "money laundering" is closely linked to the shadow economy and the proliferation of illegal business activities.
Money laundering is distinguished from tax evasion and encashment. In Russia today, more popular are cashing operations than on money.

Stages of "money laundering"

The process of "money laundering" typically includes the following steps:
- The original is a crime (this example, corruption, drug and human trafficking, terrorism, fraud, etc.) -
- Accommodation - "adulteration" of proceeds of crime in the flow of legitimate commercial sredstv-
- The concealment or obfuscate traces - money are displayed on other accounts distributed across different assets or displayed in the Other countries
- Integration - creates an appearance of legitimacy and legality of the resulting wealth, the money collected in the legal account and invested in an asset.

Methods of "money laundering"

Today there are many ways to "money laundering." One of them can be seen in the movie "The Diamond Arm" when revenues from smuggling legalized by finding the treasure.
Often used the scheme for "structuring"income or artificial crushing operations in the small to small amounts. Money transferred through multiple channels (banks, post offices, pawnshops) and accumulated on one account.
Also, when money-laundering can be usedan extensive network of fictitious companies, most of which are framed on the Nominee and stolen passports. In their accounts accumulated sums of money, which is then displayed on the account of another company.
Common tools in "money laundering" are e-wallets, securities, bank certificates.

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