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What is fashion design

What is fashion design

Simulation - the study and construction of models of different objects and phenomena.

clothes modeling - is the creation of garments designs to suit the characteristics of the materials used, purpose and product of human figures.

Simulation - creative processsample or sketch of the future product. With the "modeling" of the Latin language is translated as "sample". In the simulation, it is important to take into account several important factors. The first step is to select the material of the product to be stitched, to study the properties and characteristics. In addition, the need to know everything about the operating conditions of the material and its design features.

The purpose of the simulation is to produce a basic framework for the further production of products.

Simulation involves four basic steps.

The first stage is the analysis of ideas. At this stage it is necessary to determine which methods and processes are used to manufacture products, to study the material that will be used to determine the uniqueness of the future product.

In the second stage of modeling selected an existing base. This takes into account products landing on the object, the physical characteristics of materials, the width and length basis.

The third step in the existing framework introduced any changes or additions.

The fourth stage of the simulation is rebuffed sample, which is a check of all the previous work done and additions, if something has not been considered.

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