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WHAT minerals

What minerals

Minerals - a natural mineral formations of inorganic and organic origin, used in the sphere of material production.

Currently it produces more than 200 types of mineral resources.

Classification of mineral resources

There are several classifications of mineralresources. By physical properties is isolated solid mineral formations (various ores, coal, granite, salts), liquid (oil, water) and gases (gases, methane, helium).
The origin of the minerals are divided into sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.
Based on the scope of use, distinguish flammableresources (natural gas, coal, peat, oil), ore (ore rocks) and non-metallic (sand, clay, limestone, sulfur, potassium salts). Precious and semi-precious stones are a separate group.


Modern search of mineral resources basednot only on the use of the latest technology and sensitive instruments, but also on scientific projections. Scientific outlook is based on the knowledge of the geological structure of relations with the terms of the formation of minerals.
There are several methods of mineral extractionresources. When you open the way rock is mined in quarries. This is economically advantageous, but not eco-friendly method since abandoned a career can cause the formation of soil erosion. Public method extracted minerals that are on the ground or lying in shallow depths. This usually limestone, sand, chalk, peat, iron ore and copper, certain types of coal.
Solid minerals, are in deep water, extracted using underground mines. Most often, so take out the coal. Mining method is considered the most unsafe for the life of workers.
Liquid and gaseous mineral resources (oil,ground water, natural gas) is produced by means of boreholes, sometimes via shafts. In a number of fields used a combination of methods of production. Select the method is determined mainly by the geological conditions of occurrence of minerals and economic calculations.
Constantly developed new ways of extracting a mineral resource. But we must not forget that the minerals are exhaustible, so you need to spend it more wisely and sparingly.
To do this, you need to strive to reduce lossesresources in their production and achieve a more complete extraction of the useful properties of rocks of all, pay more attention to the search for new, more promising fields.

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