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How are the memorable dates celebrated on October 7


What memorable dates are celebrated on October 7</a>

Throughout its history, a lot of significant dates have accumulated, which are related to discoveries in science, world culture, medicine.

Every month in the world hundreds of celebrations are celebrated, which have a local or scale significance.

The date of October 7 was not an exception.

What is remembered on October 7

October 7, people remember the following memorable events in world history:
- in Judaism, this is the day of the creation of the world from which they are counting time (3761 BC) -
- in Russia in 1993 the post No. 1 was removed from the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin-

Later, the Honor Guard of Russia began to be based in the Alexander Garden at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

- on this day from the Nobel Prize the Russian writer Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy refused, arguing his refusal to harm money for a man-
- On October 7, 1977, the last Constitution of the Soviet Union-
- In 2001, on that day, the US Army launched a military operation on the territory of Afghanistan-
- in 1918, Russia and Ukraine interrupted negotiations on a truce because of different views on ownership of the territory of the Donbass and Crimea.

What holidays are celebrated on October 7

October 7 in Argentina celebrate the Guitar Festival. This holiday is considered international, and celebrated since 1994. The main participants of the festival are residents of Latin America, but European guests often attend this event. Every year in Argentina, the festival attracts about two hundred thousand people.
In Russia, this date is associated with the formation of staffUnits of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In addition, on October 7, compatriots celebrate the day of Fekla Ionikijsky (Witch-Winner), an early Christian saint.

On Fekla, Russian women sat down to spin, as this promised prosperity in household chores. Therefore, the saint and nicknamed the Steeple.

In the people there is such a belief: That this day "zavyazhetsya", it will be impossible to "untie". Therefore, the date of October 7 was chosen for the celebration of weddings, because the marriage in this case was to be happy and long.
The girls liked to guess this day: they went to the banya with a roll, waiting for a touch to their hand. If it was cold, be a poor man. And if it's warm, then the husband will be a wealthy person.

Who from known personalities was born on October 7

On this day, famous personalities were born:
- Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation-
"Niels Bohr, the great physicist and scientist-
- Vladimir Molchanov, a Russian journalist, television and radio host.

This day passed away

October 7 passed away:
- Edgar Alan Poe, the famous American poet and writer-
"Poton Sentrail, the French commander of the Hundred Years' War-
- Boris Shchukin, Soviet actor of cinema and theater, People's Artist of the USSR.

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