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melange yarn

Translated from the French word "melange» (melange) means "mixture". The term is now used in various spheres of life.

Perhaps that is why the value sometimes causes so much doubt.

Melange in cooking

The term "egg products" refers to the egg in cookingmixture obtained when whipping yolks together with proteins. If we talk about cooking on an industrial scale, the use of fresh eggs is very difficult. It's all about transportation, because the egg - a very delicate product. Cooks have found the perfect solution - the carriage and use of the finished egg mixture - melange.
Comfortable and what a culinary blends easilyIt can be frozen, which prolongs its shelf life significantly. Today, many companies involved in the production of pasteurized melange in a packaging. This egg mixture can be stored for months. Melange is simply irreplaceable in the manufacture of biscuits, creams and other delicacies. Its use in industrial cooking can significantly reduce the time and cost.

melange yarn

Today, many needlewoman take advantageworks melange yarn. This thread, made by a special technique. In the manufacturing process, yarn dyed foundation so that certain segments of its length have different color or different in hue. Because of this, felt clear color transitions or tone changes smoothly in the finished product. In small things, such as socks, it seems that the color changes pretty dramatically, forming a large original patterns, in large sweaters transition looks more smooth, almost imperceptible. This feature allows you to create melange yarn truly unique products.
More recently, needle women alonehad joined together thin threads of different colors in order to obtain the effect of melange. Today, each skilled worker can buy ready-made melange yarn in any specialty store. This makes the knitting more enjoyable and popular hobby. Products from a melange yarn are very practical and original, and their production is available even for beginners handy people.

Melange yarns for embroidery

Recently, manufacturers pleaseneedlewomen not only melange yarn intended for knitting, but also with special yarns for embroidery. This product is characterized by a smooth transition of color and highly resistant dyes. Melange yarn withstand temperature exposure up to 95 ° C, which means that your embroidery permanently retain juiciness of paints.
Especially irreplaceable melange yarn for those whointerested in embroidery stitch, satin stitch because it allows you to experience all the beauty of the color transition. However, the increasing popularity melange receives and cross stitch. Anyway, melange - an indispensable tool in the modern incarnation fantasies needlewoman.

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