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What medicines you need to take with you to Egypt

What medicines need to take with you to Egypt

First aid kit is a must if you are going on holiday to other countries.

It is particularly important to properly prepare it, when it comes to places with very different climate than the one to which your body is accustomed.

The traditional set

The first step is immediately put in the medicine cabinet all thatyou use in everyday life. It can be a cure for a variety of chronic diseases, allergies, headaches and other problems that you have encountered. It is better if you take it all with a small margin.
If you plan to flight or sea trip,do not forget about the pills for motion sickness. Suit "Air-sea", "Aeron" and other means. Even if you do not have allergies, it is still some drug allergy is still grab. The problem may catch you unawares, as a reaction to the exotic foods, or insect bites. It is necessary to take with them, for example, something from the following list: "Suprastin" "Claritin" or ointment "sinaflana". Do not forget about painkillers. It is better to choose something familiar and effective for you.
A compulsory component of the drugs arevarious digestive disorders: activated carbon "Maalox" "Gastal" or "Rennie," "Immodium" "Festal" or other analogs. You can buy other drugs, as long as the list included something of poisoning (preferably activated carbon has not yet come up with anything), indigestion or heartburn, and constipation and diarrhea.

The sea and the sun

Catching up in Egypt, diving and swimming in the sea, there is a risk of catching cold. So grab as "Aspirin" or "Paracetamol" ear and eye drops, cough drops and cold.
The sun shines in Egypt almost continuously,therefore, a means to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation is also very important. Sunscreen and after-sun cream, as well as something for sunburn, for example, ointment, "rescuer" or "Guardian". These ointments have other useful properties, so some of them is sure to bring along.

Treatment of wounds and injuries

Such familiar and simple things like setband-aids, sterile bandages, antiseptic wipes and swabs can be purchased in any country, but you should always carry a complete set of all of this, even in very small quantities. Put in a first aid kit and an antiseptic for treating abrasions and insect bites lubrication. This may be a pencil iodine, chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide (the latter two are distinguished in that they have no odor and color).

Additionally, you may need

If you feel bad, then helpdefinition of symptoms will help thermometer. Remember that the mercury thermometer and liquid volume of more than 130 ml can not be transported in carry-on baggage. People who have problems with blood pressure, we can not forget about the blood pressure monitor.
The fair sex should definitely bring your personal hygiene. Even if during the holiday month and is not expected cycle may lose due to the abrupt climate change.

Insurance Is Better Than Antibiotics

A controversial point is about whether to take alongantibiotics. The fact that it is not so easy to put yourself diagnosed, if you are not a doctor to determine the antiviral and anti-inflammatory medicine you need. And assign the duration of the course you are not able to. Therefore, to be sure of their own safety, do not forget about health insurance. Only a qualified doctor can prescribe the correct treatment.

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