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WHAT is the mediator

What is a mediator

The mediator, or plectrum - magic wand for any musician playing a stringed instrument.

Most often used by guitarists mediator. Mediators meet different kinds - from the ring with the "claw", put on your finger, a metal plate triangular shape.

Preference is given to musicians last.

It is a triangle made of plastic or steel, makes playing the guitar at times louder.

Features mediator

Thickness mediator often ranges from 0.2 mmto 3 mm. Choosing a thin pick, the sound is more sonorous, and when a thick game - more dense and even bass. Generally, the thinner the mediator, the faster you can play the guitar. But it all depends on the person and the experience of his game.
Before you find a mediator may have to try several different thicknesses and materials. And if you're just starting to play the guitar, it is best to learn the skill with him.
Experts advise to buy mediators with a rough surface, not glossy. If the excitement of your hands start to sweat, the mediator does not slip, and will continue to help to extract sounds.
Musicians advised to have several mediators of different thickness and material. Store them in a special case is attached to the guitar.

How to choose a mediator?

If you play the accompaniment, the selection is better to stop on the thin mediators. If solos - fit thicker pick.
Often mediator thickness is marked on its body. If there are no numbers, be guided by the approved scale:
- Extraheavy (very thick) -
- Heavy (thick) -
- Medium (average) -
- Thin (thin).
Mediators also vary in material: steel and plastic. So, if you play classical guitar with nylon strings, it is best to purchase a steel mediator. It is easy to handle and it does not slip out of your fingers. Furthermore, unlike plastic, neurotransmitter, it does not damage nylon. However, the sound is muffled.
Steel mediators also favored by rock stars. Musicians playing on electric guitars and basses used only by them. Due to the steel mediator to create a truly "metallic" the sound of the strings. He also musicians with a knack slide on the strings along the neck, removing plaintive guitar.
But while playing the acoustic guitar is betterjust fit the plastic mediator. It is easy and very convenient fixed fingers. With him on the metal strings can play as the battle, and the notes. Music receive calls, clear and loud.

Color in the choice of a mediator - does not matter. Manufacturers of musical instruments offer a wide variety of triangular plates to suit all tastes. With regard to manufacturing firms, many musicians prefer mediators known brands: Dunlop, Ibanez, Gibson and Fender.

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