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What means to clean the car interior

What means to clean the car interior

Bring order and cleanliness in the car it is sometimes more difficult than to get out of the house.

And though you can contact the nearest car wash and trust the professionals, it is cheaper to clean the car.

After all, there are car owners armed with all the latest tools for cleaning the interior.

Start with the details

Before cleaning, be sure the salonvacuum clean it. This is necessary so as not to scratch the seat upholstery and dashboard and fine sand accumulated dirt. Remove and shake out the mats. Vacuum cleaners start from the floor and seats clean last. Remove all dust on the dashboard and all plastic interior elements. You can do this in two ways.
Now on sale there are special wipesplastic parts of the car. They are excellent for rapid targeting of cleanliness in the salon and their convenient wipe the dust in hard to reach places. For a more thorough cleaning, use a special spray for polishing plastic -. BM COCKPIT IL-PIU, Kleen-Flo, Wurth, etc. Apply the product on the torpedo and rub with a dry cloth.

After a serious cleaning salon allow it to dry. Do not use the car during the day.

Painting on fabric

Once you've cleaned the plastic parts,you are ready to clean upholstery. There is one very important point: cleaning agents are used based on how the seat covered with material. If you have a cloth interior, use funds from a special marking. It can be a means in the form of sprays, foam cleansers, liquid - Atas, TurtleWax, Texol, etc. It is desirable that these funds were used for cleaning fabric upholstery is the car..
In such a large concentration of vehicles foundsubstances which, being distributed on the fabric, protect color from fading. What you will agree, is important when the machine spends all day in the sun. Funds in the form of an aerosol should be applied uniformly over the entire surface, and then gently rub with a dry cloth. Foam and liquid funds are applied with a special brush, they are ideal for removing stubborn dirt. After processing of the surface, the remains of the means necessary to rinse with a damp cloth.

Aerosols act as "anti-dust", ie their use is more practical than just wiping with a damp cloth, plastic.

Sensitive skin

If the seats are made of suede notethe funds are intended for him. Typically, velor upholstery attracts more dust than normal tissue. But it is not recommended to clean it with a brush. Therefore, most often used for the velor foam cleaner - Autosol, Abro, Vortex, and so on. Apply it all over the seat surface, leave to soak for a while according to the instructions. Remains of foam remove with a damp cloth.
Even more carefully it is necessary to clean the leather obvivkusalon. To clean it you can not use abrasive cleaners and a stiff brush. For fast cleansing spot is better to use special wipes (3Ton). If the stains are old, fit foam cleaner (Hi-Giar) or creamy (LIQUI MOLY Racing). All proceeds from the trim should be removed with a dry cloth, but rather a special suede that will not scratch the skin.

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