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WHAT Marathon

What is a marathon

The word "marathon" falls into the category of common and has several meanings.

Curiously, some of the values ​​are gradually becoming archaic, and in their place comes a new semantic content.

Originally the village was called the Marathon in Attica. Not far from this village in 490 BC was the Marathon battle between the Greeks and Persians. As a result of this battle victorious Greeks, who were superior enemy numbers. This event strengthened the Greek democracy and significantly strengthened the faith of the Greeks in the strength and power of their own state.

Marathon as a sport

Marathon in the Olympic Games in Greece there was noonce, it was included in the controversial program after almost a century after the announcement of the first games. There is a Greek legend about a warrior named Fillipid. According to legend, he ran away from the village of Marathon to Athens, and then dropped dead. History tells us that Fillipid overcame 230 kilometers in just two days.
In the Middle Ages, when the Games are not the most experiencedsimpler times, the marathon has been excluded from the competition program later starting from 1896 for males and 1984 for the women's marathon has regained importance athletics program for runners, which is still used in the Olympics. The distance of the race is about 43 kilometers, organized a special track for the race.
Rules for the modern marathon runnersdeveloped by Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, they describe not only the requirements for distance and track, but also the general rules for the organization of the route, preparation of the athlete.
On the marathon track every five or sixkilometers located canteens, where runners can get water, dried fruit, nuts or energy drinks. Minimal training athlete is six months. During this period, the athlete performs exercises to develop the muscles, increased lung volume and body to accustom race at long distances.
Marathon is inherent and cycling motosostyazaniyam, as well as during the rally, the word eventually became known marathon all races, heats, and so forth. Considerable distance.

Marathon betting

In 1997, Russia was established bookmakeroffice, which is also known as "Marathon". Currently Marathon - is a site where you can do all sorts of bets on sporting and financial developments.
In order to participate in the lottery, you mustregister on the official campaign website, open an account and select the object of interest. Then, you must place your bet and wait for the result. Currently, the marathon site is blocked, as in Russia recently banned online gambling.

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