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WHAT manipulation

What is manipulation

People are often exposed to a particular influence. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not realize how they are transformed into someone's "puppets for an hour."

When a person is aware of it, but too late, it is unpleasant to the soul.

Hidden manipulation is a lightweighthypnosis without changing human consciousness. The words and actions of the victim is forced to change the course of her own thoughts. At first glance, such a manipulation seems almost mystical phenomenon, but it all depends on how open people show their weaknesses. The manipulation is important to know how and what to press. Certainly, it sounds complicated, but in fact there is nothing transcendental here.

Hard to believe, but you have resorted to thiskind of influence, this only happened accidentally and unknowingly. Some of these tricks are already in human Mother Nature. People do not even notice how they are used.

Hidden manipulation has a lot of tricks,since there are countless options for influencing people. However, people often use 3-4 of them, to which he had "the gift." In them, he and improved.

Causes of hidden manipulation simple - catch. The man is trying to get others to get or get them to do what you want him. For most people it is difficult to influence in the open. Spineless, too trusting, ready to go in the wake of a dupe to find it is not so simple. It is easier to influence the victim quickly.

It is believed that hidden manipulation - destinyscams. However, it is often resorted and bosses who want to influence their subordinates, and subordinate themselves, trying to get something from the leadership. Even closer to each other people are able to show manipulation of talent when they are denied the request or proposal.

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