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What is a panda manicure and how to do it correctly?


What is a panda manicure and how to do it correctly?</a>

Manicure in the animalistic style will help createFashionable and slightly frivolous image. Such nails will approach to sports, eclectic or shocking clothes and will not allow their owner to remain unnoticed.

Try to picture funny panda faces - such a contrasting black and white manicure will decorate any hands.

What you need for a manicure

Manicure "Panda" looks complicated, howeverEven a girl who can not draw pictures will be able to depict the muzzles of animals on her nails. To manicure turned out neat, do all its stages slowly, carefully drying the varnish.
Choose a dense enamel that can be applied inOne layer. You will need black and white lacquer for panda face, and also background enamel of any pastel shade - pink, blue, cream. To fix the manicure and give it a gloss, pick up the brilliant top-drying.

Nails can be decorated by adding small rhinestones or pearls - they will fit well with the image of a panda.

In order to make the picture smooth, beforehandMake stencils in the form of arcs from paper scotch. Suitable and ready-made stickers from the set for the French manicure. For convenience, use a metal dots - a stick with balls at the ends, which is convenient to put points of different sizes. If there is no dots, take a wooden toothpick and cut off the tip with a sharp knife to make it flat.

Drawing a Panda

Fix the nails in order, giving them the sameLength and shape. The figure looks most spectacular on oval or square plates. Remove the cuticle and polish the plate with a polishing bar. Then cover the nails with a protective base in one or two layers.
Paint your nails with a pastel shade. Dry it well and attach the stencils in the form of arcs with a convex side down. Paint the top of the nail with a dense white enamel, and then carefully remove the stencils. On the nails will remain a white circle - the preparation for the muzzle of the panda.
Drip black enamel on a sheet of thick paper. Dip into the lacquer ball of the dots and put a dot on the white background - eyes and nose. At the border of the white lacquer draw a dotted round ears. Wipe off the wand and dry the coating.

To varnish harden faster, use aerosol drying.

Dip the ball into the white enamel and put inEyes a little glare. The final stage is a thick layer of transparent top-drying. If you want to decorate a manicure, attach a few small rhinestones, and then cover them with top. A thick layer of topcoat will level the nails and protect the varnish from chips.
Long nails can be decorated a little differently. Free edge paint over the background with a color, and draw a panda in the middle of the nail. For a more festive manicure can be supplemented with sequins. Dip a thin brush into the silver enamel and make a few strokes along the outline of the pattern. You can decorate the free edge with the dots by placing small dots-peas with white lacquer.

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