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WHAT makes Gazprom

What makes Gazprom

Today, OAO "Gazprom" - Russia's largest gas company, owning the longest gas transportation system in the world.

As a world leader in the industry, "Gazprom" ranks high in the rankings among global companies in terms of revenue.

The company's revenues allow it not only to fulfill the obligations to shareholders and the state budget, but also to participate in investment programs.

At the end of 2011 "Gazprom" Board of DirectorsI reviewed and approved the financial plan and investment program for 2012. The investment program of the company is formed based on the timing of the priority projects and the level of income for the preceding period. Total investments in 2012 will exceed 776 billion. P., The size of long-term investments will exceed 67 billion. P.

As the press-service of JSC "Gazprom", inAccording to the approved budget of the company's total revenues in 2012 will amount to 4.9 trillion p., as determined by external borrowing of $ 90 billion. p.

The Board of Directors has provided an opportunity toto pay dividends following the results of activity in 2011 about 200 billion rubles., which corresponds to about 8.39 p. per share. The decision to pay dividends was adopted at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on the basis of the recommendations of the Board of Directors.

Previous year 2011 was a successful year for "Gazprom". Revenues from gas exports amounted to about $ 57 billion, which is 23% higher than the 2010 performance year. However, this figure is slightly lower than the previous forecast of leadership. Grew revenues from gas sales and in Russia and the former Soviet Union. In 2012, the holding's management expects a significant increase in revenues from gas supplies to foreign countries. They are expected to amount to at least $ 61 billion.

Interestingly, revenues from gas salesThey make up about two-thirds of total revenues, and the rest falls on the so-called non-core activities - energy, transport and processing of gas. Note that in accordance with amendments made to the Tax Code in 2011, for "Gazprom" is set gradual increase in the tax rate on mining (MET), which will lead to additional tax payments of OAO "Gazprom". Thus, the state budget will increase by an additional 440 billion p. due to the company's revenue.

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