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WHAT luckiest sign of the zodiac

Which zodiac sign luckiest

Fortune favors far not all signs of the zodiac.

Some, especially twins, can be called a real darling of fortune, and someone just chronically unlucky and everything in life has to pursue their own work, without relying on help from above.


Aries often smiling luck, they simplydo not notice. These people are accustomed to expect in life only for themselves and are not inclined to risky activities. Aries, like anyone else, are the favorites of fortune, but, for some reason, rarely use it. Their position in life prevents them from relying on the will of fate and just go with the flow.


Taurus luck in everything that is connected withmoney and material gain. They stand firmly on his feet and able to manage their finances well. In times of protracted economic crisis, it is Taureans are in a relatively stable financial position, unlike the others. However, the Taurus can scare myself Fortuna, if it starts to austerity will be greedy and petty. Such people are not fond of luck, so this sign should be extremely careful and learn how to properly interpret for themselves the signs, sent from above.


This is true minions of fortune. The twins used to easily relate to life, they will lead the event. They are active and positive attitude to life, and the Fortune of people very fond of, and will do everything possible to twins at the right time in the right place, where at the moment and there is a "distribution of gingerbread."


People born under the sign of Cancer, did not have to rely on the assistance of Fortune. Unfortunately, among the representatives of this sign is rare to find these luckiest.

a lion

Lions have big egos, sogifts of fate, they often perceive as their own achievement. For gifts of Fortune GRT Lions rarely heard words of gratitude, so she sometimes turns from members of this zodiacal constellation in the most unexpected moment.


Dev can not be called the darling of fortune, but alsochronic losers too. At Virgin everything in moderation - happy events are replaced by failures and vice versa. Sometimes Fortuna breaks into their lives in the most unexpected moment, and sometimes have to wait for a happy event for years.


This Sign can also boastFortune favors, but this fact does not bother Libra. They live quietly, relying only on their own strength and that they have pretty well - chronic losers among Scales very small.


The symbol of this sign - Phoenix, whichIt rises from the ashes and is reborn to a new life. Scorpio so often favors Fortune that they simply do not notice this. Scorpions great mystery, so the intervention of higher powers in the most crucial moments of their life, they take for granted.


Purposeful and active Archers attributedAll their achievements influence of Fortune, at times, completely unaware of their own success. Archers are accustomed to look with optimism into the future, and it helps them to cope with everyday challenges with extraordinary ease, as if the very fate leads them by the hand through life.


Capricorns - born realists, so theyIt did not rely on the fact that someone is able to help them achieve success and well-being, but themselves. Such people are Fortune does not favor, so she rarely favors Capricorn.


Aquarians are used to start up their own business to chance,hoping that fate itself will come to their aid at the crucial moment. Oddly enough, but that's what often happens with representatives of this sign. Aquarius can truly be considered the most lucky, on a par with the Twins.


Fish wholeheartedly believe in luck, but, unfortunately,she rarely favors them. Fish in the critical moments of relying on chance, but are often left with nothing because they want too much and lead their game at inflated rates.

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