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WHAT lubricate the door at home

Grease door hinges

Tired of the door creaking?

You do not know how and what to grease the door at home?

Solve the problem is not difficult - most importantly, to understand the cause of the squeak, and then remove it and you can own.

Many people in my life encountered such a phenomenon as the creaking of the door structure, which occurs due to the friction hinge pins or else due to their substandard installation.
Eliminate the cause of creaking doors can own, at home, but the process requires some knowledge to correctly performed procedure is carried out.

Causes of squeaking

There are some basic options that will eliminate the squeak of the door.
The first option is the easiest - to lubricate hingesDoor designs with machine oil. For this purpose, should be raised slightly the door leaf, for example, using the blade of an ax. The resulting gaps loops need to add a few drops of oil. Next, lower the product to its original position.

An alternative engine oil may even serve as a sunflower. However, it has a slightly poorer lubricating qualities.

The method is quite effective, it does not require any cash investment and physical effort. Do the operation to eliminate squeaking doors have two people.
It may happen that the door of the box design t due to wear or unreliable attachment loops.

Worn hinges

If the hinges almost worn out, they are unable to provide accurate and reliable fixation of the web. The solution to this problem can be only one - replacement of door hinge.
When there is a lack of door lockloops, this problem can be solved by replacing the hinges fixing places, which in turn, is very problematic, or a substitution of screws or fixing screws at the other, with a slightly larger diameter. However, you can still set the aperture broken wooden pegs, and then drill new holes and re-tighten the screws in them.

When creaking appears only in the off-season, which means that the fabric door structure expands from excess moisture.

Quite often, the cause of the squeak of the door structure inherent in rubbing her butt on the door of the box. It should be in such a situation to take measures that reduce the humidity of the room.
The simplest malfunction, which alsoneeds attention, it is the creaking of the friction between the parts of a door hinge. To get rid of it, they must be lubricated with graphite grease, lithological or grease.
The main thing - do not overdo it, so that the lubricant of the hinge on the door did not hit and did not spoil the appearance of the product.

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