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Than lubricate the door at home


Lubrication of door hinges </a>

Tired of the door creak?

Do not know how and what to lubricate the door at home?

Solve the problem is not at all difficult - the main thing is to understand the reason for the appearance of the squeak, and after that you can eliminate it yourself.

Many people in their life faced with such a phenomenon as the creaking of the door structure, which occurs due to the friction of the loops of the loops or because of their poor quality installation.
Eliminate the cause of the creaking of doors, you can independently, at home, but the process requires some knowledge, so that the procedure performed correctly.

Causes of Scripting

There are several basic options that will eliminate the creaking of the door.
The first option is the easiest - lubricate the hingesDoor design with engine oil. For this purpose, slightly raise the door leaf, for example, using an ax blade. In the resulting loops of the loops you need to add a few drops of oil. Then lower the product to its original position.

An alternative to engine oil is even sunflower. However, it has slightly worse lubricity.

The method is quite effective, it does not require special monetary investments and physical efforts. Two persons must perform the operation to eliminate the creaking of the door.
It may happen that the door structure rubs against the box due to wear or unreliable hinges.

Worn loops

In case the door hinges are practically worn, they are unable to ensure correct and reliable fixation of the web. The solution to this problem can be only one thing - the replacement of all door hinges.
When there is insufficient fixation of doorLoops, it is possible to solve this problem by replacing the fixation points of the loops, which in turn is very problematic, or to replace the fixing screws or screws with others, with a slightly larger diameter. However, you can also install wooden pegs in the broken holes, and then drill new holes and re-tighten the screws in them.

When the creak appears only in the off-season, this means that the door leaf structure increases in volume from excess moisture.

Quite a common reason for the appearance of the creaking of the door structure lies in the friction of its butt on the door box. It is worth in such a situation to take measures that reduce the humidity of the room.
The simplest fault, which is alsoRequires attention to itself, there is a creak from the parts of the door hinges rubbing together. To get rid of this, they should be greased with graphite grease, lithol or solidol.
The main thing is not to overdo it so that the lubricant from the hinges does not get on the door and does not spoil the appearance of the product.

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