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Internet meme to describe the word LOL

In today's world of Internet communication real emotions must be replaced soulless letters. To describe the reactions of a host of acronyms and emoticons

The most precious thing in the world today - ittime. Time is constantly running away. Perhaps this is because people are increasingly looking for ways to save this time. This habit comes in all spheres of human life and, above all, in informal conversations and correspondence.

Modern informal communication is sometimes difficultto understand without any prior preparation. If you do not know the acronyms, abbreviations, and a foreign language, then soon the conversation meaning could simply slip away from his interlocutor.


LOL (or written in English LOL) -Russified abbreviation «Laughing Out Loud» English phrase that means "Laughing out loud", "Laughing out loud" or from «Lots of Laughs», literally means' a lot of laughter. " Among Russian synonyms of this abbreviation to mind the once popular in casual conversation the word "LOL".

According to the translation, it is logicalsuggested that LOL - is an expression of violent laughter, bright emotions. However, due to the widespread use now acronym LOL essentially lost its original meaning and is often used just to keep the conversation going, hide pause.

Variants of use

There are plenty of optionsLOL writing. For example: LOL, lol, 101, * LOL * (some messengers recognize the kind of writing between the stars as a smiley face, and convert it to an image or animation), lal (modern interpretation on memchikov language), N (a convenient way of writing lol one letter more russifitsirovat ). Abbreviations are another way to save time and the number of written characters, such as Twitter, where the amount of the volume of tweets is strictly limited to 140 characters.

LOL - young enough word. The popularity of his is beginning to gain in 2003 alone, mostly in English-speaking countries. However, in March 2011, LOL was recorded in the Oxford Dictionary.

Interesting Facts

In the Dutch and Danish literary word there lol, which translates as "fun."
In 2012, rolling out the film called«LOL», which in the Russian-language film distribution is called "Summer. Classmates. Love". This is an American comedy, a remake of the French film «LOL», released in 2008. The film tells the story of a young girl Lola that friends call Lol. This is a typical teen comedy with stories of love, problems at school and the issue of relations with parents. Despite the critical acclaim low (less than 5.5 points out of a possible 10), the film received good reviews in its main auditorium. Teenage girls trying to look like the main character - to do the same hairstyle and the use of life sentences from the movie.

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