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WHAT linguistic tale

I want a fairy tale!

Linguistic tale - this is a very interesting viewtraining, which has proved itself best for the students of junior and middle classes. You can use it fun to talk about the rules of the Russian language, member offers, different parts of speech.

It's easy, fun and informative.

Elements of linguistic tales

With the help of linguistic games tale explainsLanguage rules and laws,. Even though she was born much later traditional folk tales, it must be its own heroes, magic items and fantastic transformations.
Compositionally linguistic tale consists ofsayings, intonation, the action itself and ending. This characteristic feature is that in the end necessarily focuses on linguistic concepts that derive the content itself a fairy tale.


The story tales are usually built on somespecific linguistic terms. Heroes can be a word, part of speech or letters that live in any kingdom-state. Here, each hero tale its own character and its own rules of life that are subject to absolutely all the rules of the Russian language. For linguistic tales indispensable must be knowledge of the linguistic material and language, are unacceptable factual errors.

A characteristic feature of linguistic talesIt lies in the fact that all educational material is presented to students in an entertaining way, which greatly facilitates the process of memorizing. Using this method to consolidate, consolidation or repetition of the material in the child to actively use all kinds of memory - arbitrary, operational, semantic, non-immediate.

Types of linguistic tales

The structure of linguistic tales can be divided into:
- Fairy tale games, which are based on the active participation of students in the fairy deystvii-
- Tales of exercises that are interesting didactic materialom-
- Informative stories, the purpose of which is to introduce new facts and ponyatiyami-
- Tales that help to develop the child's speech (writing fairy tales by the students themselves).

The value of fairy tales in the learning process

Entertaining tales linguistic helpfocus students improve their creative activity, create an ideal atmosphere for the emotional communication, and most importantly, form a strong interest in learning.

If the student is immersed in a fabulous atmosphere, theand he becomes like a lesson on a fascinating journey through a magical land. Because of this change, not only related to the subject of the student, he first language is perceived in a new way. Storing and consolidate the material takes place on the level of emotion, which is very important to maintain the enthusiasm for learning.

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