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What is a lexical error

Incorrect words are not in the right place - soYou can briefly define what lexical error. It would seem that all for whom Russian is their native language, know how to choose the right word.

But it turns out that lexical errors - not such a rarity not only in school works, but even in speech professionals.

The vocabulary of a language, a variety of valueswords, their origin, the use of features and compatibility studies between a branch of linguistics such as lexicology. The use of words lexicology established standards depending on the context, the speech situation, other factors, which are called lexical rules. Violation of these rules and will be a lexical error.
Accepted provide several types of lexical errors.

Violation Collocations

Some of the words of the Russian language are part of thestable combinations or idioms. Breach of integrity, use another word instead of the usual lexical error will be: "Reading popular science literature enriches horizons." In this proposal, the idiomatic expression "to expand the horizons" is replaced by another that is wrong.
Sometimes the speaker or writer uses words,opposite in their valuation color or incompatible by value. "terribly beautiful" This combination looks ridiculous and will be considered as a lexical error. But there is also a literary device, based on a combination of unrelated words - an oxymoron, for example, "the living dead", and should be distinguished from one another.

Pass the word

At times in the speech, most often orally happeningpass word in a sentence, as a result distorted the meaning of the phrase: "Her voice, like her mother, was characterized by a certain melodiousness and slowness." This phrase is omitted the word "speech" before the noun "mother", by which the total meaning of the phrase becomes not too clear.


Verbosity may manifest in a senseless,obsessive repetition of the same words in each successive phrase: "I love summer. In the summer the weather is hot. Summer days are perfect for relaxation. The best place for your summer vacation - river or lake. " Such errors are more common in the speech of people who have poor vocabulary.
Another form of verbosity is a tautology. A classic example of this is the phrase "oil oil", but there are some phrases to recognize a tautology which can only be sufficiently erudite man. So the phrase "price list" is very common. Nevertheless, it is wrong with the lexical point of view, because the word "price list" means "list prices", which means the word "price" in this phrase is repeated.

Wrong use of words due to their misunderstanding of the value

This error often occurs whenthe use of borrowed words, if people do not know the exact values: "a whole constellation of scam has been revealed" - the wrong use of the word "galaxy", indicating the number of outstanding personalities.
There may also be incorrect eatingturns of phrase when speaking of their value is not understood or interpreted incorrectly, "Gritting his heart, he agreed," - the expression "creaking heart" instead mistakenly eating sustainable phrase "reluctantly."
The same type of lexical errors includeincorrect use paronyms - words with similar sounds and spelling but different in meaning: "Alexandria pillar" - the word "post" should be replaced by the noun "pillar".

Stylistically, the wrong use of words

use to treat this type of error in theoffer one style of individual words, inherent in the other, for example, colloquial expressions and jargon in the neutral literary language: "On the cover of glossy magazines generally fall pictures are very cool girls" - slang "cool" in this context is better replaced by neutral from the point of view of stylistic coloring of words "beautiful and famous."
This group can be attributed to the use of words-parasites that violate the general structure of the sentence: "I'm, like, write an essay, but it is, as it were, left the house."

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