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WHAT world's leading countries by the electric power industry

What are the leading countries in the world for electric power

Electricity consumption per capita is the ratio of the population and the amount of energy falling on one person at a certain time period.

In this figure includes electricity generated by water, nuclear, geothermal and thermal power plants.

What countries are the leaders in terms of energy production?

calculation of energy consumption

For the summation of all kinds producedtheir power is converted into kilowatt-hours - a universal unit. One kilowatt-hour is made up of the amount of energy that is produced or consumed by one kilowatt power unit for one hour.
Rating the world's countries in terms of energy consumption in theper capita is calculated by the expression of consumption of electricity in kilowatt-hours, according to the International Energy Agency methodology (International Energy Agency).
The methodology of the International Energy Agency based on data from international organizations and national statistics.
In the global ranking position in each countryIt is determined by the parameters obtained, where leaders are countries with the highest index. Today, electricity is a key element of the state of life support - without it is impossible to maintain all sectors of the economy and ensure the normal life of the population.

The world leader in the electric power industry

The main objective of the electricity industryIt is to provide the energy and economic sectors of the population. After the development of complex automation and electronics industry its value has skyrocketed - so if in 1990 its consumption was 11.6 trillion kilowatt-hours, while in 2000 this figure had already reached 16.4 trillion kilowatt-hours.
The developed countries in terms of energy production significantly ahead of countries that have yet to develop their industry.
Regions are the leaders in the industryWestern Europe and North America. The leading countries producing electricity by decreasing - the US, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, India, United Kingdom and Brazil. Thus, the top ten included three seven southern and northern countries. The leaders in terms of energy production for each resident States are Norway, Sweden, Canada, the US and Finland, while the lowest rates have the African countries in which the consumption of electricity produced and consumed in a minimal amount.

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