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As late apple varieties have large fruits


Which late apple varieties have large fruits</a>

Apple tree is the most popular fruit crop among domestic gardeners.

This is due to the fact that apples are a very valuable and in-demand element of the diet.

Most summer residents plant late varieties of apple trees, which give large sweet fruits.

Selection of gardeners

Large fruits of late varieties are valued by horticulturistsFor the high content of substances necessary for the body - provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, P, PP and C, various trace elements and other natural biologically active substances. In addition, apples also contain organic acids and sugars easily digested by the body. Fresh fruits of late varieties are rich in enzymes that stimulate metabolism and improve the functioning of the immune system.

As a result of eating apples, the body is more actively protected from infections, it effectively disinfects toxic substances and removes toxins.

Late varieties are considered the most valuable. Their main feature is the need to ripen the fruits during storage for 1-3 months, because they can not be consumed directly from the tree due to insufficient maturity. Late apples can also lie until March, April, May or June, depending on when the harvest was harvested.

Fruits of late varieties

From domestic varieties, gardeners preferPlanted winter apple trees "Semyrenko", which late ripen and perfectly preserved until February. The fruits of "Semyrenko" are very juicy, large and have a rich green color. In addition, they do not turn into cotton wool with prolonged storage, do not lose vitamins and retain their properties. Autumn varieties "Semyrenko" differ dense flesh and increased sourness, but over time they acquire sweetness, while maintaining a pleasant sourness.

Thanks to the perfect combination of acidity and density, the apples of "Semirenko" are perfect for winter salads and bird baking.

A comparatively new variety of late apple trees inRussian latitudes is the "Mitsu" variety, which gardeners derived as a result of crossing such varieties as "Delicious", "Indigo" and "Golden". The fruits of these apple trees are large, they mature by the end of September and have a sweet and sour taste and juicy dense flesh. The trees of this variety are very strong and yield a great harvest.
No less popular with gardeners and such laterVarieties of apple trees, like "Snow Kalvil", which give beautiful fruits of oblong form. These large apples have a wine-and-sweet taste, which makes them ideal raw materials for souring. They are well preserved during the winter and contain a large number of vitamins and trace elements.
Also, the late varieties of apple trees with large fruits include the Northern Sinap, Rossiyanka, Vityaz, Student, Moscow Winter, Mirnoe and Antonovka Dessert.

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