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WHAT late varieties of apple trees have a large fruit

What kind of late varieties of apple trees have large fruit

Apple - the most popular among domestic fruit crop growers.

This is due to the fact that apples are very valuable and sought-after part of the diet.

Most often gardeners planted late varieties of apple trees, which give large sweet fruits.

The choice of gardeners

Large fruit late varieties appreciated by gardenersincreased content of essential substances for the body - provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, P, PP and C of different natural minerals and other biologically active substances. Moreover, also present in apples organic acids and sugars, easily digested by the body. Fresh fruits are rich in enzymes late varieties, which stimulate the metabolism and improves the immune system.

As a result, consumption of apples actively protects the body against infection, effectively disinfects toxic substances and removes toxins.

Late varieties are considered the most valuable. Their main feature is the need for ripening fruit during storage for 1-3 months because they can not be used straight from the tree due to a lack of maturity. Apples may also lie late March, April, May, or June - depending on when the crop was harvested.

Fruits of late varieties

From domestic varieties gardeners preferplanted winter apple "Semirenko" that ripen late and perfectly preserved until the February. "Semirenko" The fruits are very juicy, large, and have a rich green. Moreover, they do not become wool during prolonged storage, does not lose vitamins and retain their properties. Autumn varieties "Semirenko" different firm flesh and increased acidity, but with time they get the sweetness, while maintaining a pleasant sour.

With its ideal combination of acidity and density "Semirenko" apples are perfect for winter salads and roasting poultry.

A relatively new variety of apple trees in lateRussian latitudes is a sort of "Mitsu", which gardeners brought in by crossing varieties such as "Delicious", "Indigo" and "Golden". The fruits of these apples are large, they ripen in late September and have a sweet-sour taste and juicy firm flesh. The trees of this variety are very strong and gives a large harvest.
No less popular among gardeners and these laterapple varieties, like "Snow Calville", which give the fruit a beautiful elongated shape. These apples have a large wine-sweet taste, which makes them an ideal raw material for fermentation. They are well preserved during the winter, and contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
There is also a late apple varieties with large fruits are "Northern synaptic", "Russian woman", "Hero", "Student", "Moscow winter", "Peace" and "Antonovka dessert."

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