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WHAT knees for women are considered beautiful

What are the knees for women are considered beautiful

Today there are many standards of beauty,which women try to conform at all costs. However, there is a part of the body that can not be corrected with plastic surgery or exercise - knees.

What are considered to be beautiful knees and how to care for them, so they have always been like that?

The standard of beauty

The size and shape of beautiful female knees dependon factors such as the structure of the joint, muscle and skin structure. There are a number of parameters, which can determine the beauty of the knees. In the relaxed knee form must purchase a round shape, and the rear part must be thin and approximately match the thickness of the ankle. It is allowed thickening rear ankle compared to - however small.

Obligatory caveat - the ankle than the knee has to be elegant, but in any case not skinny.

It is also considered to be beautiful knees and on the sideswhere there are no tabs and below the knee there is a small depression. The patella should be well supported and not muscles move inward, creating a feeling of curves knees. Self knee should not be too prominent in comparison with the rest of the foot, as is the case in too skinny girls. When bending the legs beautiful knee should be rounded, not angular bulge outward part.

Care knees woman

To my knees every shape and size are alwayswere beautiful and well maintained, they need to be pampered. Because the knees are too few sebaceous glands, their skin often becomes dry and inflexible, accumulating on the surface dead cells. Exfoliating they must gels, foams and scrubs, which contain fruit acids. They stimulate cell division due to its bioveschestv, causing the skin knees regularly updated.

It is not necessary to care for dry skin knees with soap and hot water - they are more peresushat it.

In addition, body scrubs, gels and foams for caring forknees can be replaced with natural honey scrub. It contains vitamins C and E, which will ensure a constant skin regeneration, hydration and recovery. To make it, you need to mix one tablespoon of castor oil, honey and coarse sea salt. Scrub must be slightly warmed and thoroughly rub into the skin of the knees, leaving them so for ten to fifteen minutes. When the timer expires scrub to wash off with warm water.
It is also desirable to his knees twice a day to moisturizeby way of creams, which contain panthenol, aloe, castor oil and sea buckthorn, vitamins A, K, E and PP, which prevent dryness, flaking and skin aging knees. Thanks to such care, the knees will always be beautiful and attractive.

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