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WHAT is better to choose the kitchen

What kind of cuisine is better to choose - to order or ready-made

One of the most important issues to be addressed when choosing the kitchen, it is a preferable option - buy a finished kitchen units or custom.

Each has its pros and cons that need to be taken into account when making a decision.

Pros and cons of the finished dishes

The days when kitchen sets were "oneface "- inconspicuous, dull colors, identical in configuration and do not give room for imagination in the design of a kitchen - already passed. Today, furniture stores represented a wide variety of cuisines for different financial possibilities and aesthetic tastes. Nevertheless, this lack of a fully finished furniture - no personality, the inability to take into account all your requirements - not been eliminated.

When buying a ready-made dishes have to put up with the fact that it can be a bit wrong size or not quite a complete set as you like.

But buying a ready headset - the fastestAlternatively, it is not necessary to wait for order fulfillment, it is very important for the impatient and undemanding customers. In addition, this kitchen will be cheaper, but it is a significant plus for many people. These headsets are more mobile and are well suited for the different apartments - a significant advantage for those who are considering moving to the next few years.
If your kitchen has a standard roomsizes and special requirements for furniture, if you do not want to waste time and money on something to get a perfect for you to set, in which all points will be reconciled to the smallest detail and all thoroughly counted down to the centimeter, the finished kitchen - the best solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of dishes to order

The main advantage of kitchen manufacture to order -full compliance with the requirements of the buyer. Want to make a tiny kitchen area more spacious and functional, but still have enough room for preparation and storage - will demand from furniture manufacturers to take into account all the features of the room and to use creative solutions to maximize the use of space.
Would you like to arrange an "island" in the kitchen-living room, butnone of the available options is not suitable ready - make a kitchen island by specifying in advance what should be in the middle of the room, and that - the wall. Would you like to have a mobile kitchen and mood move furniture and change the design of the room - choose kitchen cabinets on wheels. In short, all non-standard solutions, unusual requests, individual features are available in the manufacture of food to order.

Remember that the kitchen, designed specifically for a particular room, it will be difficult to place in another apartment.

The main disadvantage of this option - high cost. On the other hand, it is justified, and depends only on your desires. If the finished kitchen you can not give up this or that element that you do not really need, in this case, you can request only what is necessary to you, and no more. If you already have any items of kitchen furniture, not a complete set of dishes can be ordered.

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