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How are fabrics and kinds of knitwear to sit after washing


What kind of fabrics and types of knitted fabrics sit after washing</a>

Knitwear has great advantages over other types of fabrics.

It is especially suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle, as it perfectly absorbs moisture, is conditioned, does not cause allergic reactions.

Pros and cons of knitted things

Unlike other textile products that are weaved, knit fabrics are knitted.

Knitwear is considered one of the most comfortable,Practical and universal fabrics. Knitted things can be worn at any season. They are good both everyday and festive. From jersey it will be stylish to look both a business suit, and an evening dress.

Knitted dress will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the figure, do not constrain movements. A woman in such a dress will not feel a sense of discomfort.

Modern designers often use knitwear to create their collections of clothing.
Knitwear has some drawbacks:
First of all, it's easy to cut throughKnitting fabric with a needle during the tailoring of the product. As a result, the hinges are lowered. Thus, the life of a knitted product is shortened.
Washing of knitwear requires a largeNeatness, since during the washing process clothes can stretch across the width, if the product is sewn and cross-cut. Other knitted goods can be seated along the length.

Types of knitwear

It should be noted that any knitted fabric that has undergone dry cleaning can also change its dimensions, here are some of its types that change their forms after washing:
This is a knitted fabric stretch fabricWeaving, consisting of various fibers - silk, polyester, wool, cotton and others. From Jersey sewn underwear, shirts and dresses. The fabric quickly loses its original form after washing in hot water. Pellets are easily formed on it.
This is an incredibly lightweight, breathable knitA cloth made of cotton. It is natural and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for making children's clothes, including newborns. In addition, it is made of T-shirts, blouses, nightgowns, pajamas and sportswear. The fabric of the interlocks is sensitive to the washing process, so to clean it, you must use either a delicate washing machine or a manual wash.
This is the kind of cotton jersey thatHas on the underside of the hairy surface - hair. Used such a fabric for sewing sportswear, training pants and blousons. With improper dry cleaning, things from lightshort can easily be spoiled.
Rubber gum
This fabric has convex bands on both sidesOf pigtails of facial loops. Used for obtachki armhole, neck and cuffs. You can meet blouses and dresses made of knit-gum. After washing or dry cleaning, the products are often stretched.
A linen made of cotton or linen, having cFront or on both sides of the hinge loops. Due to the ability to easily absorb moisture, as well as the softness of the material, it is used for sewing towels, rugs, as well as various women's clothing for the home. After washing or dry cleaning it decreases considerably in size.

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