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WHAT kindergarten combined type

What is Kindergarten combined type

Kindergarten - an educational institution, designed for children of preschool age (usually 3-7 years).

kindergartens The system allows to solve problemsEmployment kids parents. Also in preschool pupils are being prepared for school - usually at the level of the primary skills of the account, reading and writing.

These establishments are classified in the direction of specialization.

One of them - a kindergarten combined type.

Types and kindergartens

Depending on their nature and functions, pre-school establishments are classified in the following types:
- Kindergarten (normal) -
- Kindergarten General developing type-
- Center of baby-
- Kindergarten with ethno-cultural component obrazovaniya-
- Kindergarten care and ozdorovleniya-
- Kindergarten compensating type-
- Kindergarten combined type, and others.
The different types of kindergarten will be different courses, the quality of food, the number of children in the group and even the psychological atmosphere.
In preschool obscheobrazvivayuschego typeIt carried out the moral, intellectual and physical development of children. The development centers are solved the same problem, but these kindergartens are equipped with computer rooms, play grounds and swimming pools.
Compensating highly specialized gardens weredesigned for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, vision, hearing, speech, often ill, and delayed mental and physical development. The institution of the combined type includes several different groups: compensatory, general developmental, health, and in different combinations.

What is Kindergarten combined type

If we talk about the pre-school educationinstitution combined type, this type of kindergarten includes several groups of different directions. In addition to the groups with the general educational character of education, there is a particular specialty - for example, compensating or health.
Often in such a kindergarten among common groupsthere are also oriented speech therapy, which are created for children with speech disorders. In addition, there are pre-school institutions with educational groups. In many kindergartens accept children with physical or mental development.
In general, pre-school establishmentscombined type is more common than other types that meet the needs of modern society. And because parents can choose suitable for your baby specialty group, whether recovery of the body, speech correction or nurture giftedness. Get direction to kindergarten combined type is possible in education management bodies if the results of the medical examination of the child.

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