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How are shoes called "snickers"?


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Shoe trends are quickly changing each other. However, which has become popular recently, the fashion for convenience and comfort does not just take its positions so easily.

Today, stylish girls are increasingly choosing shoes called "snickers."

"Snickers" - a modern shoe hybrid

Some researchers of shoe fashion consider"Snickers" synonymous with the word "sneakers". Others note that only two species have one thing in common: belonging to the sport style. In appearance, "snickers" are more like modified, modernized sneakers.

"Snickers" got their name because,That allow a person to move almost noiselessly. In English, this word is translated as "sneakers", but the appearance of fashionable shoes is slightly different.

Fashionable today, "snickers" have a softRubber soles, often caramel colors. The top of the article can be made of fabric, suede, leather, velor or combinations of these materials. Youth models are often decorated with inclusions of metallized leather and bright prints.

"Snickers" is much higher than classic sneakers andKed: they reach the ankle. Many models look very voluminous. Fabric stuffed with sintepon. Buttoned "snickers" mainly with Velcro, but there are many options with lacing or an elastic band.

Some time ago "snickers" were the mainElement of hip-hop culture. But today fashion sneakers have become a comfortable semi-sports footwear, in demand by fans of casual-style. They are worn by both boys and girls. However, the latter have a wider choice: female "snickers" are produced both on a flat sole and on a hidden platform. This nuance allows you to wear comfortable shoes with almost any outfit.

How and with what to wear "snickers"?

"Snickers" became popular among the stars. Focusing on the photos of celebrities, it's easy to make up your own set with fashionable shoes or to understand what clothes with it will be appropriate. To look stylish, you need to competently combine with the "snickers" items in the wardrobe.

Stylists do not advise wearing "snickers" to girlsLow height: shoes greatly shorten the legs. If the desire to be in the trend overpowered, be sure to choose models on the platform and combine them with mini-shorts and skirts.

For example, Miranda Kerr wears blue-white-red"Snickers" with black leggings from latex. Top model picks up extremely laconic: a white tank top peeking out from under a gray knitted sweater. The fashionable image is finished with a dark blue shortened coat. Such a set is convenient for walking with a child, shopping.

Kate Bosworth, to spite the stylists resolutely puts on"Snikers" with romantic skirts of chiffon. However, the footwear has a neutral, gray-beige shade, which does not overload the image. Mentholov long skirt Bosworth topped with a knitted shortened pullover. The actress decorated her neck with two light chains with pendants. The image turned out risky, but very whole and harmonious.

But the best companions for "snickers" areJeans, leggings, dzheginsy, tight pants. It is they who are chosen by actress Jessica Alba, who often wear semi-sport shoes. As a top, she chooses black elongated sweaters, white translucent blouses and shirts in combination with blazers.

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