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What kind of shoes called "sneakers"?

Isabel Marant sneakers

Shoe trends quickly replace each other. However, it has become popular recently, the fashion for the convenience and comfort of their positions so simply not give up.

Today, the stylish women are increasingly choosing shoes called "sneakers".

"Snickers" - a modern hybrid shoe

Some researchers believe the shoe fashion"Sneakers" synonymous with "running shoes". Others note that the total in the two species only thing belonging to the sporting style. In appearance, "sneakers" more like a modified, modernized gym shoes.

"Snickers" get their name because thethat allow a person to move almost silently. In English, the word translated as "running shoes," but the appearance of fashionable shoes a little different.

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Trendy today, "sneakers" have a softrubber soles, often - caramel color. Top products can be made from fabrics, suede, leather, suede, or combinations of these materials. Youth models are often decorated with splashes of metallic leather and bright prints.

"Snickers" is much higher than the classic sneaker andshoe: they reach the ankles. Many models look very bulky, because cloth stuffed with synthetic padding. BUTTONS "sneakers" mainly by Velcro, but there are a lot of options with lace or an elastic band.

Some time ago, "sneakers" were mostlyelement of hip-hop culture. But today, the fashion shoes steel polusportivny comfortable shoes, popular casual-style fans. Wear them and the guys and girls. However, the latter choice is wider: women "sneakers" are available both on a flat sole, and the hidden platform. This nuance allows you to wear comfortable shoes with almost any outfit.

How and what to wear "sneakers"?

"Snickers" have become popular among the stars. Focusing on photos of celebrities, it is easy to make your own kit with fashionable shoes or understand what clothes it would be appropriate. To look stylish, you must skillfully combine with the "Snickers" available in the wardrobe items.

Stylists are advised not to wear "sneakers" girlsLow growth: Footwear greatly shortens the leg. If you desire to be in the trend overpower, be sure to choose a model on the platform and combine them with mini-shorts and skirts.

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For example, Miranda Kerr wears a blue-white-red"Sneakers" with black latex leggings. Top model picks up extremely laconic: white shirt, looking out from under a gray knitted sweater. Ends trendy image of dark-blue coat shortened. This kit is suitable for walking with a child shopping.

Kate Bosworth spite stylists strongly wears"Sneakers" with romantic skirts of chiffon. However, footwear is neutral, gray-beige shade, so it does not overload the image. Menthol Bosworth long skirt on top added a knitted pullover shortened. Neck actress adorned with two light chains with pendants. The image turned risky, but very solid and harmonious.

But the best companions for "sneakers" arejeans, leggings, Jeggings, tight trousers. It is their picks actress Jessica Alba, often wearing shoes polusportivny. As the top she chooses black elongated sweater, white translucent blouses and shirts combined with blazers.

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