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What kind of music is useful kids

What kind of music is useful kids

Music plays an important role in the upbringing and development of the baby.

It helps the little man to explore the world of emotions, while the older children develop qualities such as memory, attention, perseverance.

The impact of music on children

From birth, babies pay attention toThere was a sound. Some of them frightened, others delight. Intrigued by this phenomenon, scientists have conducted numerous studies to help find a pattern between the development of the child and the music he listened to as a child.
Calm or classical music, nature sounds,ethnic composition, or children's songs relax baby, give him a sense of security. Songs that child with love is singing mom, nurture crumbs in the feeling of love and tenderness, to create a strong bond between mother and child.

How to listen to music right?

The music should start to listen to from the very early age.

Even when the baby is still in the womb of my mother, to the tummy, you can put the headphones and a small volume set beautiful relaxing music.

After the birth of the child is useful to include tunesroom, but not too loud. It is best to listen to them about half an hour before going to bed or immediately after waking up. If a child seems too dull, instead of the classical music put something more rhythmic and fun. With such music simply can not be without action. When feeding a child can put a beautiful melodic song, which will contribute to improve mood and reduce the number of vagaries.

What kind of music like most baby?

Newborns crumbs like calm and quietmusic that does not scare them and not annoying. It can be classical music or nature sounds. Under such easy to read music the children calm down and fall asleep faster. A classic also useful for the development of mental abilities and the acquisition of good taste.
Kids enjoy special olderchildren's songs. You can enable the cutting of the cartoons, the child is not just listening to music fun, but also saw the picture. Toddlers have fun dancing to this music, learn to move to the beat, they have lifted the mood.

Try to pick a melody from domestic cartoons.

There is nothing better for a child of any age thanlisten to the voice of the native mothers. Especially kids love when she sings them songs melodious and soothing. It can be as lullabies, and simple lyric songs, the main thing - not the content of the words and the feelings that passed through them. When singing is necessary to keep the child in her arms, gently cradling and stroking to the beat of the music.
Please the kids favorite songs, because for them it's not just entertainment, it is a way of knowing the world!

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