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What kind of gear to catch pike

Which gear to catch pike

Pike fishing is a prestigious production.

And how could it be otherwise, because to catch this fish toothy strong need to apply not only physical force, but also all the skill and experience.

Here you can catch pike different gear: spinners, wobblers, live bait and zherlitsy.

How to catch pike on the lure and lure

For pike trolling gear used,consisting of spinning, strong, but not very thick fishing line (0.35-0.5 mm), make sure the metal leash, coils, cargo and most baits with hooks. Lesko best buy wicker, it can withstand heavy loads, it is important, if you will fall a large pike. But be sure to attach the leash to the metal spoon, or predator sharp teeth easily tackle a bite and you will be not only without a catch, but without a spinner, and a good lure is not cheap.

When selecting a spinner should focus on yourexperience because in some ponds to pike lures take the same color in the second preferred others. The third general peck only on live bait. There are metal spinners of different metals and alloys, there is a soft silicone fish, there are hard lures and so on. What kind of bait to choose, you decide.

Methods pike trolling lot. For example, after casting you just wind the fishing line on the spool, and do it in short spurts. Lures and baits will imitate injured fish that attracts pike. At one point, you can throw the lure several times, it is better to fish pond fan, then go down the shore.

How to catch pike on zherlitsy

One of the vintage gear for catching pikeThey are zherlitsy. Previously, they were made of a knot in the form of flyers, which wound fishing line or thin strong cord. Tethering hook baits and release live fish into the pond. Who is on sale more modern models zherlitsy, but the principle remains the same. Zywiec floats on a small distance from the bush tied to zherlitsy, you can drive to the beach and stick to tie rope to it. The pike grabs the fish and swallow it, after which it can not sail on the length of the spill from the fishing line flyer. You just have to come and collect the catch. The main thing is not to put zherlitsy near underwater snags, pike can hide under them and get confused, get it will be impossible. There zherlitsy winter, the design of which allows you to put them in the hole in the ice.

How to catch pike on mugs

In a similar way to catch pike on mugs. They have a different design, but the principle is similar samozasekaniya fish. Catch a pike in the circles with the boat. Dip into the water several such gear, each of which is planted on the hook for live fish. Mugs themselves adrift, and dragging bait behind. When the pike grabs the bait, zaglotnet it and pull the fishing line, the circle is turned. This signal is the angler that production is already on the hook, and it urgently needs to get as pike float away into snags. When fishing live bait you need to know the preferences of pike in this lake. Choose the fish, which are the subject of hunting freshwater predator.

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