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What kind of flowers to give to different signs of the zodiac

What kind of flowers to give to different signs of the zodiac

Flowers are a universal gift.

They are given to relatives, loved ones, co-workers on holidays and just.

To your surprise was "to the court", choose colors based on the zodiac sign of the host.

Flowers for signs of air elements

Libra - romantic nature. The girls will be thrilled with gardenia, gladiolus, freesia, orchids. This sign are ideal for any roses. Important feature: the bouquet should be symmetrical, neat and different interesting details (eg, unusual flower colors).
For Aquarius perfectly suited violets, tulips, gerbera daisies, daffodils, roses. Add the bouquet of herbs and scented sprigs. Choose cascading bouquets, in which a lot of curved lines.
Gemini - the most unpretentious in respectcolors sign. Girls love innovation, unexpected steps and solutions. You can safely give the Twins a fresh bouquet of the field, gladiolus, carnations, peonies, and so on. It is great if a present is designed in white, yellow, blue or purple tones.

Gemini is better not to give orchids - they have signed various energy. Libra does not present iris, forget-me, gerbera. For Aquarius any prohibitions do not exist.

Earth Element: suitable flowers

Capricorn ideal bouquets without bright accents. The ideal colors are pinks, bright tulips, pink chrysanthemum. When choosing a gift refuse asters and bells.
Girl Taurus loves nature. Therefore, when choosing colors to prefer delicate flavors and calm shades. The buds at the same time need to be large. As a gift, perfect gladiolus, roses, poppies, chrysanthemums. The design should not be fussy. It is better if the package will be disabled.
Virgin prefer bouquets reserved and laconic. A remarkable choice would be roses, lilies, peonies, carnations. The color gamut preferably stand in blue, white or greenish color. Not Present Virgos gladioli, lilies and dahlias.

Floral preferences of the fire signs

For Sagittarius the best choice will be the spring flowers. It tulips, freesias, daffodils, crocuses. Choose bright plants: purple and red. Making better to create a bouquet of natural materials such as rice paper, bark etc.
Lions love large bouquets with a rich finish. However, all the flowers should be ideally suited to each other. The representative of the sign will be glad to receive a gift of long roses, gladioli, tulips.

Flowers for the Lions should be extremely fresh and perfect. This sign prefers bright colors: red, yellow, orange. They are associated with well-being and wealth.

Aries supportive of roses, tulips and lilies. Preference was given to the colors bright colors. For a romantic as a present fit violet, lavishly decorated with beads, wire, tinsel. It is not necessary to present a gift to the daisies, asters and dahlias.

Ideal colors for the water signs

Cancerians delight in bright bouquet with a mysterious,delicate aroma. In special honor calla lilies, water lilies and white lilies. Also suitable lilac white lilies and snowdrops. Completely give up the idea to give carnations, peonies and mimosas.
Mysterious temperamental Scorpions and flowersThey prefer the same. She will be happy to sign a bouquet of dark peonies and roses. Also in honor tiger lilies, daffodils, irises. Scorpios are categorically not suitable gladiolus, dahlias, mimosa, forget-me.
Favorite color of Pisces are orchid and sweetlily. Also mark favorably refers to Narcissus, Mimosa, phlox, peonies, gladioli. Astrologers do not recommend the present Pisces tulips and gerbera.

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