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What kind of education needed to work in the police

police officers

Today, in the police force there is an acute shortage of staff.

In this regard, the procedure of reception of citizens in the ranks of the Interior Ministry, who want to enter the service either as ordinary policemen and an officer rank, changed somewhat.

General requirements with respect to the ordinary police

A citizen who wants to enlist inthe police must: have Russian citizenship, have both operating and closed criminal record, be of working age, have good health and maintain a positive, moral lifestyle.
If a few years ago for male personssex service in the army was a requirement, now, you have given homeland debt or not, it has no any value. The presence of upper secondary education is necessary.
For those who want to join the officer corps, there are special requirements.

Specific requirements with respect to the officers of

For service in the police officer's rankmust be a higher education. It can be obtained, already working with the police in the rank of private. All police officers are given the opportunity to be trained on a budgetary basis, in one of the many branches of the Institute of the Ministry of Interior, the correspondence department. Well, if you ever want to move up the career ladder, it is possible to obtain a second higher education, but only on a commercial basis, albeit at quite reasonable prices. As before, the service received military officers in the rank which they had at the service in the army, as the army the title can not be undone.

Changes due to the new reform

The latest reform has expanded the boundaries of education,allowing to get a job in the armed forces. Now the employee police officers can become any citizen with a specialized diploma civil institution of the Russian Federation.
For the investigator, as always,be sure to have a law degree, but for the inspector juvenile previously required two diplomas - legal and pedagogical, now requires only a diploma of teaching graduation. Also, when applying for a job you may be required some experience. It is therefore desirable in teaching at the university practical training in the police station in which you want to work, and show his best side. After the job you expect a 6-month internship and Stolbovaya school, so the lack of time, subject to successful completion of practice can close your eyes.

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