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How can I buy a car for 250,000 rubles


What kind of car can I buy for 250,000 rubles </a>

The amount of 250,000 rubles is the most common budget for the purchase of a car. He is no longer small, but not large.

The debate about which car is best to buy for one or another money is eternal, so it's better to just know what options are there.

First, you need to decide how to properly separate cars. Usually people consider two parameters - a new or used car and a foreign or domestic manufacturer.
If we take into account only domestic newCars, then you can find a purchase option for Lada Priora, Kalina, Largus, Granta. As a rule, these offers are piece and the simplest configuration. Usually a warehouse is closed, that's selling it all cheaper.

Used cars of domestic and foreign production

Domestic second-hand cars in this priceCategories are represented almost any model of the most different year of release and condition. You can even buy Gazel 2009-2010 year of release. All of the above models are also for this amount.
The market of foreign used cars is much broader. The brands that can fall under this price are Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, KIA, Mazda and other famous manufacturers. Of course, you can buy and Mercedes or BMW, but most likely they will be old enough, with a "good" mileage or require investments.
The car for 250 000 rubles for 80-90% will beHave a manual transmission and a small engine capacity of 1.4-1.6 liters. The spread of the year can be from 1990 to 2004 or even 2007 depending on the popularity of the machine.
It is not necessary to rush to cheap offers, first you need to get acquainted with the availability of spare parts for the car, otherwise you can go bankrupt in repair, and then no one will buy your car afterwards.
A good choice could be Ford Fusion, Focus2005-2006 or Audi A4-A8 from 1998-2002. All these models are made for ages and are not going to break down, besides the number of spare parts on the market is off scale. That's why until now you can often meet Audi 80 or 100, which in fact its already long gone.

Other options for buying a car for 250,000 rubles

Of the new foreign cars should not be chosen especially. It can be Daewoo Nexia, Lada, Lifan, Geely or ZAZ, known in the past as its "Zaporozhians".
The most correct solution is stillBuying a used car of your choice. You can also look in the direction of cars after an accident, because they are often sold. If you know cars or there are such familiar ones, you can buy a car on the go, which you will do later if you want, but it will be better than the available "whole" options for the same amount.

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