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What books to read to children 13-14 years old

What books to read to children 13-14 years old

Today, fortunately, there is no lack in the literature for all age groups.

Before parents who are concerned about education and child development, raises another difficult problem - the problem of choice.

About teenagers and a love of reading

Of course, great if your child "swallows"books and you just do not know what else to offer. But more often, unfortunately, the parents have to face the fact that a teenager just does not want to open the book. There is nothing surprising in this. Today's children are growing up in a huge field of information - in their possession films and animation for all tastes, all possibilities of social networking, the Internet, cell phones, online games ...
In the processing of information is simply nottime the child gets used to take "the finished picture." The book, in contrast, for example, the film invites to co-creation, makes dorisovyvat picture yourself in your mind.
If you want to first of all just to accustoma child to read, to interest him in the printed word, do not get too emphasizes the usefulness of reading and books that, in your opinion an adult, you need to develop. Do not be boring. It is hardly worth trying to get a teenager who does not like to read, to get acquainted with the work of "heavy" writers who you are and do something at his age is not too complain. Let the teenager to start carried away, learn to see the images and empathize with the heroes, to perceive the written word, not the finished picture.

The taste and color

If your teenager is reading enthusiastically, "HarryPotter "- this is great! Nothing wrong with JK Rowling did not advise him. Then it will be possible to offer some authors writing books for young people in a similar genre - including, for example, Dmitry Yemets (series "Methodius Buslaev"), Eugene Gagloyev ( "Zertsalov"), Natalia Szczerba ( "Chasodei"), Kerstin Gier ( "Timeless") and many others.
If the child is almost not reading, pleasenote, for example, on what subjects and genres he prefers to the movies. If this is fantasy - gently advise the best examples. Anyone who has read the "Narnia" and "Lord of the Rings", can be offered by contemporary authors - Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, H. L. Oldie.

Fan fiction is to advise teenage series by Robert A. Heinlein - "Star Beast", "Podkayne of Mars", "Will the suit - Will Travel," "Star Rangers" and others.

And of course, it is worth remembering those books thatyou are loved in this age. What teenager does not like adventure! "The Chronicles of Captain Blood" and other books of Rafael Sabatini, Alexander Dumas, Jules Verne did not lose its relevance.

Girls may be to the taste of the book of love - for example, "Consuelo" George Sand, "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.

Many young people are valued and logic puzzles. It is necessary to try to offer the best detectives of Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, James Hadley Chase.

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