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How to read books for children 13-14 years old


What books to read for children 13-14 years old</a>

To date, fortunately, there is no shortage of literature for any age.

Before parents caring about the education and development of the child, there arises another difficult problem - the problem of choice.

About teenagers and love of reading

Of course, it's great if your child "swallows"Books and you just do not know what else to offer. But more often, unfortunately, parents have to face the fact that a teenager simply does not want to open a book. There is nothing surprising in this. Modern children grow in a huge information field - at their disposal are movies and animation for every taste, all the possibilities of network communication, the Internet, cell phones, online games ...
For the processing of information simply does not remainTime, the child gets used to perceive the "finished picture". The book, unlike, for example, from the cinema, invites you to co-creation, makes you draw the picture yourself in the imagination.
If you want to first of all just to accustomThe child to reading, to interest him in print, do not over-emphasize the usefulness of reading and those books that, according to your adult opinion, are necessary for development. Do not be a bore. It is hardly worth trying to force a teenager who does not like to read anyway, to get acquainted with the work of "heavy" writers, whom you yourself at his age did not pay too much. Let the teenager for a start be carried away, learn to see images and empathize with heroes, perceive the printed word, and not the finished picture.

The taste and color

If your teenager is reading "HarryPotter "- that's great! Nothing bad Joan Rowling he does not advise. Then it will be possible to offer some authors who write books for teenagers in a similar genre - among them, for example, Dmitry Emets (Mefody Buslaev series), Evgeny Gagloev (Zerzaliya), Natalia Shcherba (Chasodei), Kerstin Gir ( "Timless") and many others.
If the child does not actually read,Attention, for example, on what subjects and genres he prefers in the cinema. If this is a fantasy - advise unobtrusively the best samples. For those who have already read "Narnia" and "Lord of the Rings", you can offer modern authors - Marina and Sergei Dyachenko, Henry Lyon Oldie.

The fan of fiction should advise the teenage series of Robert Heinlein - "Star Beast", "Martian Podkain", "There will be a spacesuit - there will be travel", "Star Rangers" and others.

And of course, it is worth remembering those books thatYou yourself loved at this age. What a teenager does not like adventures! "The Chronicles of Captain Blood" and other books by Rafael Sabatini, Alexander Dumas, Jules Verne do not lose their relevance.

Girls can have a taste for a book about love - for example, "Consuelo" George Sand, "Jane Eyre" Charlotte Bronte.

Many teenagers also appreciate logical puzzles. It is worth trying to offer the best detectives Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, James Headley Chase.

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