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WHAT keeper classis

What is the keeper classis

Keeper Classic is a method of controlling the titular characters in the WebMoney system, in the form of a separate program.

This program is installed on the user's personal computer, then the party system gets a lot of different possibilities.



One of the major and most commonways wallets management, titular characters WebMoney system is the Keeper Classic. This method is implemented as a regular program, the installation files that are downloaded from the official website of the payment system, after which the user installs it on your own computer. Moreover, this software package supports all Windows operating systems. An additional condition for the existence of a connection to the internet browser.


Users are prompted to install the Russian orEnglish version of the program of their choice. The system recommends the use of Russian in the presence of the Russian-language version of the operating system, but otherwise should give preference to the English version. The program offers participants the system free of charge, any additional actions or periodic payments for its receipt, use is not required. The software package also includes a special extension for the browser, which allows you to connect to get timely warnings about visiting dangerous, suspicious or fraudulent resources.


Keeper Classic software allows you to makepayments in title units of WebMoney, transfer funds between their purses, others, however, this is not limited to its ability. So, after installing the program participant of the system is able to add to the list of counterparties other users, create a list of contacts, send and receive private messages on the internal chat, replenish your wallets through the commission of transfers from bank accounts, withdraw funds from the system. In addition, the user is able to bill the other participants WebMoney, access to other services of the payment system.


After installing Keeper Classic softwarethe user can maximize the safety and security of its own funds, following the recommendations of the system. The functionality of this software are constantly expanding, many everyday tasks active participants in the system can be solved only with the use of interface Keeper Classic, although before this was required to go to specialized WebMoney web services.

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