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WHAT karmic compatibility

Karmic compatibility is not always successful!

The nature of the relationship between man and woman involves a completely different level. At the same time some of them are conscious, while others - the subconscious.

Moreover, some of such interactions are generally inherently karmic.

What is karma?

Each person is their own, so saysEastern astrology. Human Karma - a certain influence of his past lives, associated with this. In principle, the western astrology and esotericism relate human karma with his fate.
In other words, the fate - this is akin tothe concept of human karma, which is inextricably linked with his past and his future. However, today fewer people are serious karmic component of their lives. To believe or not to believe in karma - a purely personal matter. From this it becomes more or less saturated.

Karmic Compatibility people

Many of the meetings that take place in everyday life, as may be necessary, because the carry karmic in nature.

Representatives of the eastern astrology know aboutkarmic nature of some meetings of people with each other. In one famous song goes like this: "People meet, people fall in love, get married." And after all this it is not happening by accident!
Some astrologers who watched statisticskarmic relationships and compatibility, argue that such a meeting for a man - not a rarity. According to them, for the entire life of karmic encounters can be quite a lot. The fact that the man that cometh into the world, unwittingly surrounded by other people who, in fact, and helping to implement it in their lifetime or another karmic problems. These people, of course, are children, relatives, friends, colleagues, bosses and even ordinary pedestrians.

Another indicator of a favorable karmicCompatibility between people may be unusual situations. They may include a touch of surprise encounters, the speed of development of relations, moving to a new place, etc.

Karmic is compatible peoplea certain positive nuances in their interpersonal relationships. For example, some people may be quite easy to get along with each other, understand each other, feel each other some connection. In this case, we can say that they - "synchronized." Usually karmic compatibility occurs between spouses. In this case we say that they are in each other is not fer the soul.
If two people do not feel togethersome karmic connection, then their business in different spheres of life can give a significant crack. These people have some difficulties both in professional and personal life. Typically, in such a case we say that the man hung over bad karma that needs to be cleaned.

How to recognize a karmic meeting?

In principle, not difficult. If the appointment of one person to another is really karma, then they will understand themselves as each other will seem extremely familiar people. It is not excluded, and the mutual attraction to each other, the interest in mutual learning, etc. Incidentally, such a relationship often turn into love.

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