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WHAT kandibober

What kandibober

Internet video, shot by Moscow journalists during a routine survey of citizens on the street, circled the expanse of the World Wide Web and beat records of popularity.

And the thing is that a lady is very emotionally told about themselves and a certain "kandibobere" who screwed on her head.

Word with a smile

Funny word "kandibober" itself cancause an involuntary smile. In life, it is often to denote the recent human mind. Kandiboberom also referred to certain features of the behavior associated with the manifestation of the so-called "show off."
This artificially created in mot people asusually bright and very fully expresses disparaging or mocking attitude of the narrator to the object. If a person tries to express the absurdity of appearance, gait or behavior in general, he says, "is kandiboberom", emphasizing the selection of the object from the crowd of his unusual manner or appearance. In a formal sense, driven dictionaries, "kandibober" means spirited, defiant behavior. It is believed that the roots of the words were lost in the depths of the Don and Kuban dialect, but this remains unproven.
Moreover, the word kandibober applicable to any funny clothes and mixed or shaped hats with fanciful custom line, for example, there are boots and a hat with kandiboberom.

Kandiboberom can be called enchanting any manifestation or disgrace.


In recent years, widespread itword is received in part designations ornate headdress, bright swirling beret that has become a symbol of a person with an obvious lack of intelligence. As a rule, the term is taken to apply to the ladies, but this does not exclude the male orientation.

In addition, the word kandibober today can express their attitude to life, which in this meaning refers to constantly emerging challenges, obstacles, in other words "troubles."

In the recent time, the Internet community could"Break" the participant a TV, some woman with a bright red rather fanciful headdress on his head, having a rather unconventional, funny shape. On the quite specific question television correspondents on its relation to the strange names used today, it is very strange to suddenly away arguments about wars and global cataclysms and global problems with his direct participation or without it.
Perhaps this is the funny story madecompletely fresh notes in the old meaning of the word "kandibober", which became a symbol of a hat covering the head, which are born strange ideas that are obvious relic of the era of crazy, a little bit of crazy people and events.

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