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WHAT is Mormyshka


What is Mormyshka?</a>

Mormyshka is a bait for fishing, which is used in amateur and sport fishing.

The word comes from the name of a small crustacean marmy.

Mormysh is a small gray crustacean-amphipod, whichIt is common in some water bodies in the northern and central parts of Russia. In the summer, it lives in thickets and reeds, leaving its shelter only at night. The crustacean moves in small jumps. In winter, due to a lack of oxygen, the mormish gets out of its hiding places and covers the lower part of the ice with colonies.

Why does the fish bite on mormyshka?

Despite the fact that Mormish is notAll the reservoirs, the fish, who never saw it, happily swallows the mimicry imitating it. This is due to the fact that the bait is not an exact copy of the crustacean, but merely imitates its movement.
The habitual diet of fish, consists of beetles,Bedbug-gladys, larvae of dragonflies, caddis flies, amphipods and other small insects. Often fish finds small animals on the surface of the water due to the fact that they move. When moving, insects create hardly noticeable fluctuations that the fish catches with their receptors at great distances. Pisces have a very poorly developed vision, which allows them to see the prey only in close proximity. Therefore, the main task of the mormyshka is not to provide external resemblance to small aquatic living organisms, but only imitation of the vibrational movements that insects create when moving in the upper layers of water. However, external similarity also plays its important role. So, swim to the mormyshke, careful fish first carefully examine the object and evaluate the surrounding environment. And only after making sure that the bait does not pose a danger to life, the fish will bite on the bait.

How does the mormyshka look like?

The construction of the mormish is quite simple. It is a small metal weight of various shapes with one or several hooks, which is tied to the line either through the hole or through a small eyelet in this very weight. Mormyshka can be used with nozzles of various origin - both vegetable and animal. In some cases, it can be completely without attachments or with hooked artificial nozzles, for example, shiny beads or rings.

How to choose the right mormyshka?

Choosing a mormyshka is a strictly individual process. It depends on the experience of the fisherman, his personal skills, the ability to manage fishing gear and the type of fish that inhabits this or that pond.

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