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WHAT jig

What jig

Mormyshka - a bait for fishing, which is used in the recreational and sport fishing.

The word comes from the name of a small crustacean Gammarus.

Gammarus - a small gray-crustacean amphipod, whichprevalent in certain waters of the northern and central parts of Russia. During the summer, he lives in thickets of reeds and leaving their shelter only at night. Moves crustacean small jumps. In winter, due to lack of oxygen Gammarus selected from hiding colonies and covers the lower part of the ice.

Why the fish are biting jig?

Despite the fact that Gammarus not be driven away inall bodies of water, the fish, who had not seen it ever, happy to swallow imitating his jig. This is due to the fact that the bait is not an exact copy of the crustacean, but just merely imitating his movements.
The usual diet of fish, consist of water beetles beetlesbedbugs-Gladyshev, larvae of dragonflies, caddisflies, amphipods and other small insects. Frequently fish is small animals on the water surface due to the fact that they are moving. When you move the insects create a faint vibrations that fish catches its receptors at large distances. Fish have extremely underdeveloped vision that allows them to see prey only in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, the main objective is not to ensure mormyshkas resemblance with small water-living organisms, but only an imitation of the vibrational motions that insects produce when you move into the upper layers of water. However, the external similarity, too, plays a significant role. So, podplyvaya to mormyshke, cautious fish first carefully examine the object and appreciate the surroundings. And just making sure that the bait does not represent danger to life, the fish bite the bait.

How does the jig?

jig design is quite simple. It is a small metal weight on a variety of forms with one or more hooks, which is attached to the fishing line or through the hole or through a small eyelet in that the weights. Jig may be used with the nozzles of various origins - both plant and animal. In some cases, it may be completely without threaded nozzle or nozzles hooked artificial eg brilliant beads or rings.

How to choose a jig?

Selecting jig - a highly individual process. It depends on the experience of the fisherman, his personal skills, ability to manage fishing gear and fish species inhabiting a particular body of water.

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