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What itching ears

What itching ears

From olden times people pay more attention to national signs and beliefs.

Each of them carried a any warning or notifies you of upcoming events.

Among the huge number of these will take, there are those that explain what itching ears.

Itching ears: different interpretations

As to what itching ears, thereseveral interpretations. The most famous is the one that promises to obtain what some news - both good and bad. The validity of this explanation is not so easy to check, because one way or another are constantly going to obtain any information in a person's life - the news. Perhaps, therefore, such an interpretation is considered to be the most truthful.
For this there are signs and an explanation: If itching ears, then, it is expected to appear at a friend's newborn. In this case it is easy to move to the memory of his friends and girlfriends, and then suggest one of them a baby can be born.
If you do not have such friends, you canconsider other options - for example, "someone will scold you." This interpretation is very unlikely you will be pleased. However, making a re-evaluation of the upcoming action on this day, you can avoid his execution.
In another version, if itchy ears, it maybe a warning of unforeseen cash expenses. Listening to such a warning, you will be able to mentally tune into a specific event that is associated with a possible flow of your finances.

Weather lore

Most people who live in ruralareas, believe that if they have itching ears, then it is to rain. Farming, it is important to listen to the people's will accept. After all, what is the good news, especially if a long time is no precipitation. But the most important thing for the people of the village - garden. Therefore, this news is it can be very rewarding.
In addition to this interpretation, there is another, toorelated to weather conditions. For example, for those born in summer or spring time, this sign indicates that warming soon will be. If the ears are itching those born in winter or autumn, the treatment has a different meaning, arguing that changing weather will be in the direction of cooling.
In addition, an important role is played by the factwhat kind of itchy ears. The people believed that whatever the time of the birth of the right pinna itches to warming, and the left - to attack cold.

Scratching his ear, which still have a version

Many people believe in the popular superstitions. Therefore, if the itching ears, they expect the execution of certain events. However, if you think logically (or skeptical), it is possible to find another explanation.
For example, if you have earrings in their ears, theycan be scratched by intolerance to certain metals your body. In addition, it is possible that the ear itching is the result of allergies or any irritation. It can be installed, consult a doctor.

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