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What it is a symbol of royal power

What it is a symbol of royal power

Symbols of the royal, royal or imperial power - is a series of physical signs of a ruler, referred to as regalia.

A set of jewels in different countries about the same.

External symbols of state power have been known since antiquity and was originally called the Insignia.

By the symbols of the royal, imperial and royalgovernment accepted to various regalia. In Russia, they were the crown, orb and scepter, sword and shield state, state flag and a large state seal. In the broadest sense of the word symbols were also the throne and ceremonial garments, such as porphyry.


The oldest of the symbols is the scepter of hisprototype of - shepherd's staff. A scepter, or as they are called, skifetry existed in antiquity. In Rome, they were used by commanders, winning the battle. The Romans also had a tradition of sending scepter allies as a sign of friendship.

Scepters were considered in antiquity attributes Zevra (Jupiter) and Hera (Juno)

In Russia, the scepter was first presented to the governor at the time of the coronation of Theodore Ivanovich. Hold the rod in his right hand followed, and during large celebrations outputs it carried solicitors.


Power is surmounted by a crossball, symbolizing dominion over the earth. Similar balls already found on Roman coins, but they were not decorated with crosses, and Victoria figure of the goddess of victory. The Russian empire was not hit from Byzantium as one might have thought, but from Poland, where it was called the jab? Ko (apple). Interestingly, it was first used during the wedding ceremony in the kingdom of Dimitri.

The Russian power was called the Royal rank apple, apple (all) and the almighty apple vladomym

Other jewels

The first mention of the state swordas a symbol of power refers to the time of Peter the Great. When it according to the rules of camera-board in the treasury was supposed to keep the scepter, orb, crown, sword and key.
When Coronation sword of state - as well as a bannerand printing - were first used by Elizabeth. The shield is carried only at the burial of the king. Russian rulers not gird state sword in the manner of the German, Hungarian and Polish kings.
Tsarskoye banner first appeared in the Russian Empire under Mikhail Fedorovich, in the early XVII century. Peter I later found black-yellow-white flag in 1742.
Finally, it is worth noting that in MuscovyIn addition to these jewels to the symbols of royal power attributed bartenders - wide oplech'ya or collars, embroidered with gold and precious stones and decorated with religious images. Barma worn over the ceremonial vestments. They were made of gold plates - apron - or brocade.

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