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WHAT IS iso in the camera

What is iso in a camera</a>

Each camera has its own capabilities and characteristics.

The concept of ISO is found in the instructions for each camera, figuring out how to properly use it and what it is, you can significantly improve your own pictures.

The concept of ISO

ISO is the light sensitivity of yourCamera, or rather, the sensitivity to the perception of light matrix camera. That is, if the ISO is 200, then for a time unit the matrix will receive less light than for the same time with a sensitivity of 3200. The higher the sensitivity of the matrix, the more clear pictures you can make, but do not assume that clearer pictures It's always good. The more ISO you can put on your camera, the more noisy noise appears on your pictures.
The standard ISO values ​​are: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200. And the noise that appears in the pictures is the multicolored bright points in the photographs, which differ greatly in color from the neighboring ones. Because of such noises, the picture looks like a photo taken on a camera of 0.3 megapixels in a 2006 release phone.
However, the ISO system was created for filmCameras. In digital cameras, this parameter seems to correlate with the obtained exposure of the pictures on it and similar characteristics of the film apparatus. Therefore, this parameter on digital cameras was completely called "equivalent ISO sensitivity". And it is expressed in ISO units for a film camera for the convenience of photographers.

How to use photosensitivity correctly

If you take pictures in a lighted place, whereFor a small amount of time on the camera's matrix can get enough light, then it's worth setting the ISO to a small mark. If the room is dark, or you shoot late at night, then the value of photosensitivity should be several times higher. However, it is always worthwhile to take a few test shots and find the best solution.
Do not forget that for pictures in the darkDay it is important to open the diaphragm so that more light can get to the camera matrix. If you work with a tripod and static objects, it is better to set the minimum ISO, but increase the camera's delay. If you want to reduce the amount of noise in the pictures, then you can also use a flash that will add light to the photo.
The exposure of light sensitivity also depends onFrom the size of the matrix of your camera, if you have a fairly simple camera without interchangeable optics, then the most favorable value for you is ISO 800. If you set this parameter higher, any photo will be full of unnecessary noises. On SLR cameras that have the best shooting parameters, it is possible to use ISO 1600 and 3200.

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