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What is the iso on the camera

What is the iso on the camera

Each camera has its own features and characteristics.

ISO concept found in the manual of each camera, to understand with how to use it correctly and that it is, you can significantly improve your own pictures.

The concept of ISO

ISO - sensitivity is yourcamera, and more precisely, the sensitivity to the perception of light matrix camera. That is, if the ISO is 200, per unit of time on the matrix gets less light than in the same period with a value of 3200. The higher the sensitivity the sensitivity matrix, the more clear pictures, you can do, but do not assume that a clearer picture it is always good. The higher the ISO, you can put on your camera, the more background noise appears in your pictures.
Standard ISO setting is: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200. And the noise appearing in the images, it's colorful, bright dots in the pictures, very different in color from the surrounding. Because of such noise picture looks like a picture taken on a camera of 0.3 megapixel phone 2006 release.
However, the system was designed for ISO filmcameras. In digital cameras, this option seemed to relate to the exposure images obtained it, and the like characteristics of the film unit. Therefore, this parameter was called to a fully digital cameras' sensitivity equivalent to ISO ». And it is expressed in units of ISO for film camera for the convenience of photographers.

How to use sensitivity

If you're shooting in the bright place, and wherefor a small amount of time on the camera matrix can get enough light, you should set the ISO to a small mark. If the room is dark or you are shooting late in the evening, the sensitivity value should be several times higher. But always worth making a few test shots and find the best solution.
Do not forget that for the images in the darkthe day is important to uncover the aperture to as more light could reach the camera's sensor. If you are working with a tripod and static objects, it is best to set the minimum ISO, but increase the delay of the camera. If you want to reduce the amount of noise in the images, you can also use the flash will add light to the photo.
Setting sensitivity also dependsthe size of your camera matrix, if you have a simple camera without interchangeable lens, the most advantageous for you to ISO 800. If the value of this parameter is set up, any picture will be filled with unnecessary noise. In SLR cameras that have the best shooting settings, you can use ISO 1600 and 3200.

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