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WHAT is through corrosion

through corrosion on cars

Rust - through the hole on the back of the car caused by the rust.

Rectify the situation can help to chemical and mechanical treatment of the body, in particular the ground-converters.

Rust - through hole on the bodycar, or simply, a "hole". Reasons for rust eats away the car from the inside, they may be associated with the violation of the process or the use of substandard materials. And this does not insured by any low cost domestic cars, no expensive imported representatives.

The reasons for this phenomenon

Theorem about the "stainless imported car"evidence is not found, the car as a rusted, and continue to rust. The only difference is only in the rate and amount of corrosion, and these factors are directly dependent on the following factors:
Individually designed geometry of the body andmiscalculations engineers in manufacturing technology, dishonesty of some manufacturers who are just "smear lips" machine, "forgetting" about the treatment of hard to reach places. Often, only a narrow surface of certain joints treated anticorrosive layer composition. At the same time the bottom of the car and cavity hidden from the eyes remain virtually unprotected. There are cases when the buyer discovers the first signs of corrosion even in the car inspection stage at a shop. The high concentration of sulfur compounds and saline solutions in the atmosphere of large towns and cities.

Methods for removing rust

; If you want to carry out anti-corrosionhandling vehicle for the purpose of corrosion, it is necessary to achieve its complete removal. If you completely remove the rust does not work, the body will break down further. In practice, a few ways to remove corrosion, remains the most popular mechanical and chemical methods.
; Types of machining:
- Sandblasting, providing rust knocking out sand from the surface of the metal under high davleniem-
- Manual sanding with emery bumagoy-
- Grinding machine.
; Chemical treatment is to destroyavailable by chemical damage. For this purpose, washable and indelible rust converters. The dissolving solution to cope with its task is 100%, but the main condition of their application - fast drying surface after treatment with water. Otherwise, body repair can take a long time. Indelible compounds react with rust, transforming it into a coating suitable for painting. These mixtures are called ground-converters. And although the quality of such treatment can not be compared with the quality of the coating on the bare metal, this method has a great future, that is. A. Every day converters do their job better and better.

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