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WHAT yards and a peck

What is the yardstick and a peck

With the fall of the Russian Empire in 1917, the government put forward a new initiative for the initiative to improve and establish order in the country.

One of these was the adoption of the decree on the introduction of a new measuring system, completely abolish such thing as a yardstick and a peck.

Russian measurement system has been used in Russia,and later - in the Russian Empire until 1918. At the turn of the century (in June 1899) it adopted a resolution on the use of the metric system of measures, but optionally. And only a decree of 14 September 1918 on 21 July 1925 decided to use the new measuring system as the only possible one.

Despite the fact that no one else will measure winebarrels, and the distance - miles, with a Russian measurement system has to necessarily face when reading classical and historical literature. And it is very difficult to understand it.
Russian measurement system was sufficientlyconfused and divided into several categories: measures length, area measures, volume measures, measures of loose bodies, measures measure liquid bodies, mass measures, measures of weight (apothecary), measure the piece of paper items and measures.

Arshin and Russian history

One of the most frequently encountered measuring units in Russian literature. It refers to the old Russian measurement system, and corresponds to approximately 0, 71 meters.
The history of this word has not been established, but most often it is associated with a Turkish or Persian measure of length - yards and Arshi - which was borrowed in transactions.
Widespread this measuring unit acquired in the middle of the XVI century, at the same time displacing other outdated unit -. Elbow.
A century later, in the middle of the XVII century, the kingAlexis, trying to prevent situations of fraud, imposed iron yard, the appearance of which the majority of merchants met with considerable opposition.
The final and irrevocable order in the history of this unit of measurement was imposed under Peter I, became the yardstick of 28 English inches.
Alternative name of the measuring unit - step.

As kilogram replaced the Pudu

It refers to the Russian system of measures and measures the mass. The first mention of pood found in literacy Prince Vsevolod Mstislavovich in the XII century, where the head of the Novgorod Pledges "pud voschanoy" for the construction of the church.
One pud equated to 40 pounds or 30 ansyryam(Another measuring unit of Russian system). During the reign of Ivan the Terrible allowed to weigh the goods only from specially trained people - pudovschikov and homes were allowed to keep the scales that weigh up to 10 pounds. And it is not for commercial purposes.
In 1920, a decree of Lenin in the Soviet Union replaced poodson weight. Despite the fact that the reference to the Russian historical system remained only on the pages of books, it is hoped that it will not completely been eliminated. It measures the length of Russian preserved in different stable expression, without which any Russian person is very difficult to imagine his speech: oblique seven feet at the shoulders, a rabid dog seven miles is not a hook, from pot two inches, and so on.

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