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What is the weather in Yalta in October

What is the weather in Yalta in October

The popular resort of Yevpatoriya on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine is the center of restorative rest and relaxation.

In Yalta there are numerous resorts, eco-hotels, boarding houses, recreation for every taste.

The very nature and seaside air have to visit this wonderful resort for many years attracting thousands of tourists from around the world.

Heartwarming autumn

In October in Yalta autumn comes, daythe temperature is about + 18-19oS. Perhaps this is the most pleasant weather for walking and sightseeing. However, to make predictions about these places is very difficult, with the end of August, weather is unpredictable so much that experts dubbed Phobos center front movement in the period of August-November "abnormal" or "radical".
The temperature of the Black Sea waters in October Yevpatoria not allow to bathe - the thermometer shows only 16oS. The swimming season is closed in such water can easily get hypothermia.

Besides the shore wave is born, it is not great, so water activities like surfing, is not appropriate and does not allow swimming.

The rainfall in October is not great, but,Of course, moisture is considerably higher than in September. In the month of gloomy about 5-6 days, when the sky is densely clouded. In those days, on the quay going to artists who paint pictures rainy autumn sea.

Pleasant gloom

In Yevpatoria creative people come in Octoberprofessions, people, tired of the office everyday life, probably because it was in October, after all the beach season closed, the number of tourists decreases with each passing day. So nice to indulge in silence and feel the inner peace.
Yevpatoria is perfect for lovershealth tourism, because there are such famous resorts as: "Victory", "Drummer", "Seaside", "Dnepr" and many others. In them you will be able to receive comprehensive treatment and undergo procedures to maintain health. The most common are aromatherapy treatments, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, massages, as well as therapy and laser therapy.

It is worth noting that the prices of tours, as well as prices in hotels and spas in October reached its minimum, so you can properly save during this period of autumn.

If we talk about entertainment resort in the autumn,we can note the festival called "Fish Day", which is held annually on the Mariners Square. Holiday includes fair competition, folk festivals and performances collectives.
In the old part of Yalta is interestinga monument to the time of 1987, the so-called "Turkish bath". Unfortunately, the monument is closed and is in ruins, but you will be able to enjoy at least the remainder of the piece of history. For the organization of cultural activities offered a choice of any of the 9 different theaters and museums Yevpatoriya.

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