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Like the weather in Turkey in May


What is the weather like in Turkey in May</a>

Turkey is famous for its rich history, ancientAttractions and beach holidays with all amenities. Thanks to the hot weather in summer and the relatively mild and warm climate during the rest of the year, the tourist season in this country is open all year round.

It is especially pleasant to spend time in Turkey in the last month of spring.

Weather on the coast

The beach season in Turkey opens withThe first May days. At this time, the weather on the coast is already quite steady, although at times a slight rain or wind may break. The air temperature at the beginning of the month during the day keeps at around 23-25 ​​° C above zero, and in the evening and at night it can drop by several degrees. At the end of May the air warms up to + 30 ° C and more tourists come to the coastal hotels of Turkey.
If you are going to go to Turkey on MayHolidays, be prepared for the fact that the water in the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea will still be quite cool. In the first days of May, as a rule, it does not exceed + 20 ° C. When the sun is hot, this water seems especially cold. Nevertheless, even at this temperature, someone always swims in the sea. By the middle of the month the water warms up to + 22 ° C, and at the end its temperature rises a couple of degrees.

It is warmer in May, as a rule, on the beaches of southern Alanya. And in Kemer or Marmaris, the temperature of air and water can be a couple of degrees lower.

In May, on the beaches of Turkey, it is good to rest those whoDoes not like scorching sun and too much heat. The sea in this month is especially refreshing and chilling after a long sunbathing. In addition, at this time, the prices for tours are quite low, and on the beaches there is still not a lot of tourists.

In May, you can also fully enjoy long walks around the city or sightseeing tours to local attractions.

Weather in Istanbul

May is one of the best months toEnjoy the rich excursion program that the ancient Istanbul offers tourists. At this time there is already no winter cold and dampness, characteristic of autumn and early spring. The air temperature during the day can vary from 22 to 26oC above zero, and at night it can drop to + 15oC. Sometimes it may rain or blow cool breezes from the Bosphorus, but there are many more sunny and warmer days at the end of spring.
It is best to go there for the May holidays, soAs the end of the month the weather becomes hotter and stifling. And in early May, you can fully enjoy long walks around the city and sightseeing of the most beautiful sights. In May, the International Theater Festival also takes place in Istanbul, in which troupes from different countries take part, so you will not be bored there for sure this month.

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