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What is the weather in Simferopol in August

What is the weather in Simferopol in August

Simferopol Salgir located on the river in the center of the Crimean peninsula. It is an administrative, a large industrial, cultural and scientific center of the Republic of Crimea.

The city has a rich history, represented in many of the sights.

You can read them at any time of year, but especially a lot of tourists to come in the summer months.

Climate Simferopol

Simferopol Climate steppe and at the same timePiedmont, which determine the location of the city, the presence around him of the river and the reservoir. Winter in Simferopol quite soft, without sharp fluctuations and strong long frosts and summer - long and hot, with the largest of the year rainfall.

Weather in August in Simferopol

In August, in the pretty town holdshot weather, which, however, can quickly change. Earlier this month, daily temperatures can even reach 35 ° C above zero, and at night drop to + 20 ° C. At this time a lot more clear and sunny days, suitable for long walks through the city.
In the second half of August, the weather getsless stable. The sky may be periodically closed by clouds and the temperature begins to decline gradually, especially in the evening and at night. However, year on year is not necessary - is that the hot and humid weather is almost until the autumn.

The lowest daily temperature in August was recorded at around + 23 ° C, and the night - + 14 ° C, so warm at this time there is unlikely to succeed.

Things to do in Simferopol in August

On the territory of Simferopol there was a lothistorical events, which are now reflected in the city's sights. In August, on the way to the Black Sea coast, especially nice to stay a while in the city, and wander through the curves and picturesque streets of the old part of Simferopol, admire the ancient architectural structures and to look into the local museums.

The city's name in Greek means "city collector," and with the Crimean Tatar - "white mosque".

In the city you should definitely take a look atspacious old railway station, designed in the Italian style, visit the Simferopol Art Museum, the Central Museum of Tauris, chocolate museum. Children can be reduced to the amusement park: Children and Gagarin. Young people will like entertainment centers and clubs, which are in the city for quite a fun filled vacation.
In Simferopol you can also visit the very beautifulMarble cave with a complex system of galleries and halls, or go down to the huge red cave. In this city there are ancient settlement Scythian Naples, built more than 2 thousand years ago. In the vicinity of Simferopol awaits its visitors also reserve Sentry-both, which will have to get to a few days on foot to the most beautiful places of the eastern ridge of the Crimea.

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