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WHAT is the warmest sea

What is the warmest sea

Rest of the sea has a beneficial effect on the body's condition and uplifting. Especially if the float in a warm and clean water.

Today in the world there are many seas, but the warmest of them is still considered the Red Sea.

Red Sea Geography

Red Sea formed about 40 million yearsago, it is located between Africa and Asia. It washes the shores of countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Djibouti. Its area is about 450 thousand sq. km, with most of the water is in the tropics. The maximum depth of the Red Sea, according to various estimates, up from 2600 to 3000 meters.

The water temperature in the Red Sea

This sea is not without reason called the warmest on earth. On its coast, in addition to the far north, is in a tropical desert climate. In the summer months, the air temperature in the coastal zone can often reach 50 ° C above zero in the winter rarely drops below + 25 ° C.
It is not surprising that the water in the Red Sea in the summerperiod resembles fresh milk - its temperature reaches 27 ° C. In winter it is certainly cool, but this time of year, you can bathe in it, as its temperature does not fall below + 20 ° C. That's why most resorts on the Red Sea, are open to holidaymakers all year round.
In addition to the heat, the Red Sea is famous for itscrystal-clear and transparent waters. This is due to the fact that it is not no river flows, which could bring a silt or sand. Furthermore, it is the sea and one of the salt - the concentration of salt in it is 1 liter of water is 41 grams, while the Black Sea, for example, the figure does not exceed 18 grams.
The average annual precipitation total on the Red Sea area100 mm of rain, and evaporates during the same time 20 times. Water scarcity is compensated by the Gulf of Aden and the special movements that contribute to the 1,000 cubic meters of water more than endure.

The flora and fauna of the Red Sea

The waters of the Red Sea has long attracted fansDiving. That, however, is not surprising, because the number and variety of flora and fauna, it is in first place in the northern hemisphere. Unusual, bright and very beautiful coral reefs stretching along the Egyptian coast, becoming a kind of vital center around which schools of fish are found. The color of corals in the Red Sea varies from dark blue to pale yellow, and red.
In the waters of the sea can be seen killer whales,dolphins, green turtles and unusual echinoderms, sea cucumbers. They live in it as three-meter moray eels, napoleon fish and butterfly fish, surgeon-fish, mullet, mackerel, snappers, shrimp, squid and even thousands of species of marine life. And the coast of Sudan was chosen by a shark.

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